Challenge 1 – Right-hand indoctrination


Try to find a public machine (Like a vendor, ATM, public transport) in your area that would suggest you use it with your left hand. Guess what? They don’t exist.

Most people are born Ambidextrous.

From Latin –
both. Dexter: right. Sinister: left.
(This is where we get the word “sinister” from).

with little exception to either side. Notice how your everyday objects (such as can openers and scissors) suppose symmetrical usage of either hand.
if you play sports or a musical instrument, in absolute most cases your instruments are symmetrical, too. Modern weapons are, as well. However, a simple thing like your computer mouse, isn’t.

So your society would have you believe (among other things) that a person is naturally born Dexterous, or that most people are. This is a direct aim to alter your behavior, and consequently, your perception, through the endless repetition technique of indoctrination.
In past centuries, “sinister” kids underwent severe corporal punishment to achieve the result. It is that important to the system, and it is more important that people forget this practice or at least take it for granted.
But notice that this is true mainly in the western civilization. We don’t know of such severity in eastern countries like India, china or japan.


I started to notice this phenomenon after analyzing Bill Cooper’s telling of his experience in the Las Vegas LUXOR venue, where there is a hallway leading to a major hall.
Invariably, every visitor has to use only his right hand to access the automatic door, activating it with a magnet card.


What’s happening here? By way of endless repetition and subconscious indoctrination, you are being trained to gain validation from an outward source by routinely using your right hand. Since green frequencies are calming to the human mind, you may notice a green element indicating supposed entry area.
this should vary in different countries.

What you could find were machines with the panel on your right side, or otherwise suggesting that you shouldn’t even think of using that left hand of yours. If lucky, an ambivalent sign is shown.

My thoughts on this are that it is possibly a form of indoctrination, since in most occult traditions the left hand has a negative magnetic charge, with the right hand having a positive charge flowing through it.

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