Rising sun

etzdfgThe heading picture depicts the passing truck of one of Israel’s major companies. For the sake of clearing, this company provides cleaning products and other essentials needed in any housekeeping.

Though marketing campaigns in Israel go somewhat easy on the population in terms of subliminal messages and symbolism, it is apparent to the seeking and trained eye that, in deed, such manipulation takes place regularly.

It is the advertiser’s choice, naturally, what imagery to place upon their trucks.
it may vary from product placing, perhaps a total sized title, to a typical mascot.

In this case, why leave such large space to show us these minimalistic shapes of specific coloring? (I may add that the most recent trucks have the bright mountain shape in dirty gray so that the contrast is more natural)

It is self-evident that the cover of said truck depicts forms of a rising dawn over a mountain horizon. There is no mistake whatsoever.

That being said, we are left to wonder what is the connection between a successful business company to a rising dawn.

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