WestWorld TV Series


The Maze (Labyrinth)

The Labyrinth existed from the Greek word “labyrys” or the doubled headed axe. Theseus in the Cretan myth killed the Minotaur in the maze of Daedalus. He used the doubled headed axe to do it (researchers found that this axe presents the butterfly since the butterfly has double sides to it). Albert Pike wrote that the labyrinth was “built in honor of the sun..”

Visually, the maze pattern in antiquity symbolized the human brain.
As a symbol, it appears in many movies like “The Shining” or TV series like “Westworld”.
The wooden toy puzzle from the TV show Westworld is more elaborate, and the carving of a human figure (plus the “eye of horus”) right in the middle of it is not accidental:
Based on somewhat masonic tradition, the holder of this structure has to maintain balance in his hands and exercise various machinations to achieve his goal.

This proverbial goal is more than a mere sensation of accomplishment.
it is achieving inner enlightenment.
Factually, that is the main theme of the mentioned series.

Both the butterfly and the ram’s head are symbolic representations of the sphinoid bone. Depiction of moths, bats and owls may also be considered as reference.

Depiction of humans as utilities.

szry zrytzz

The heading picture is an excerpt from a seemingly harmless advertisement video for an Israeli Pharmacological company. The biggest and most successful one.

My conclusion may well be regarded as a quibbling, as this may pass for a minor nuisance.

But you should ask yourself- what is the difference between said picture and a human serving as a mere lamp holder, or another utility?

No doubt, there is an apparent distance, but really, these are both a hallmark of primary psychopathy disguised for folly entertainment or a silly humor.

Primary psychopaths do not have empathy or care for their fellow humans and they could regard any of us as slaves fit to any trivial task with absolutely no consideration whatsoever.

Setting an example in the subconscious is the first step of trying to shape mass behavior.
For further reading, you should check “Overton’s window of discourse” and “broken windows theory”


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