Control of speech

Control of speech.

Speech is controlled by culture because speech advances wisdom. Human communication accelerates growth and learning on an exponential scale. People learn principles on their own through experimentation with their environment, but they learn far quicker when they are able to communicate their thoughts through speech. Speech is the single most powerful tool of humanity. Through it, children and adults alike accelerate knowledge in anything they desire to learn. Culture cannot afford the rapid spread of human understanding. Should people learn their own worth and potential, they would never submit to the artificial authorities placed over them. Culture is about control. 30 The End of All Evil Cultures are designed to protect the powerful, to protect those in authority. Its job is to make sure that speech cannot flow freely. To accomplish this, it establishes a pattern of subversion of thought and propriety of speech.

Authority is unquestionable
Culture first labels the questioning of authority as immoral. The rule of law, absolute respect for law enforcement, character in politics, and the nobility of king are all examples of cultural subversion of thought. Culture cannot allow people to question their allegiance to a specific law, or a specific king, or a specific system of authority. Instead it teaches that these things are above question. It is never permitted to question the king, dictator, or democracy. In every culture ever devised, authority is supreme over humanity. The highest extreme of questioning authority is discussing the assassination of authorities. Even to print a line of text such as this will bring shivers to those who live under any culture. This is the grip that culture has upon speech. Questioning whether authority is right or wrong is not allowed. The system is above you, you will not fight back. Though law considers itself moral for defending itself with violence, it will teach you that you are immoral for even thinking about defending yourself against it. Lesser taboos on questioning authority exist in varying form in the cultures of history. In modern times this is most obvious in the shame brought upon anyone who questions the respectability of police, public education teachers or other public employees. Their work is considered to be above the work of everyone else. Their actions in their jobs are beyond reproach because they are agents of authority. It is sometimes called “respect for the office” or position. Questioning their right to interfere with your life will bring you the scorn of culture. This is the control of speech. Further examples exist in the belief that paying taxes is noble. Not one person would pay them if they didn’t have to. Not one person pays a dollar more than is demanded of them under threat of imprisonment. And yet throughout culture you hear people speak of the nobility of paying taxes. “Taxpayer” is the title given by those seeking legitimacy in political arguments. Culture teaches that good people are those who allow themselves to be extorted and controlled without thinking. Obedience to arbitrary law under the rule of law is labeled character. The more destructive a law is to humanity, the more praise of nobility culture will give to them who obey it. If authority is not questioned, if it is accepted as the proper ruler over man, slavery is the result. Germans failed to question the culture imposed upon them by the National Socialist Party. Their servitude to Adolf Hitler and his war machine were the result. Billions failed to question the culture of “brotherhood” championed by communism. Totalitarian slavery and the deaths of a hundred million people was the result. Large or small, when you yield your mind to culture, it will make a tool of you for its own purpose. It begins when you limit your speech out of fear of culture

Diversion of propriety
The next step in the cultural manipulation of speech is the creation of propriety and politeness. These define the artificial enemies of society that culture would have you focus on instead of authority. They are designed arbitrarily to divert attention from the evil of authority. What would the world be like if you were free to open your mouth? The minds of people are tethered under ideas called cultural propriety, political correctness and politeness. Political correctness is engineered slavery. It focuses attention on controlling the speech of people in such a way that they believe the enemy of people is impoliteness. They are taught to believe that they are naturally racist, sexist and bigots. Only when culture keeps a tight control on speech are people safe from their own demons. Culture teaches the limited value of people. Coarseness of language is the shameful speaking of words or concepts outside the propriety of culture. While there is nothing evil in a word, and languages are reinvented and molded every day, culture would have us believe that the words we use are where evil lives, instead of the crushing of the human spirit employed by authority. A curse is a wish of harm upon a person. Swearing is an oath of action. Yet both of these things have been perverted so as to teach you that speech is what is evil, and not the destruction of freedom that evil people employ. Every time you find an element of speech that is culturally unacceptable to speak, you will find a scapegoat. The specific instance is irrelevant; culture always creates propriety to hide tyranny. In the beginning of the National Socialist movement of Germany, culture was engineered to make defending a Jew unseemly. It likewise made it impolite to challenge those who condemned Jews. This pattern is found in every culture ever created. Nazi culture was not after the control of the Jews, it was after control of the Germans.

In order to free yourself from the slavery of speech control, you must understand the principle of personal offense. If you are offended by a word or a sentence, then you have chosen anger and hurt for yourself. Culture would have you believe that it has been forced upon you, but this is not true. Culture would have you believe that evil is found in the discussion of ideas, or the passing of intentional or unintentional insults. It would have you believe that certain words, or allusions are where evil is to be found within society. If evil can create the enemy of speech, it can convince you to yield to its control. This is the design and purpose of culture. Though people always feel entirely justified in taking offense at speech, it is nonetheless their full choice. They have the freedom to feel anything they want when they hear the mind of another person. Yet the solution offered by culture is to force speech into a manner conducive to culture’s taste. Once you believe that the control of speech is noble, you will not wonder at why it is improper to question authority.

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