The illusion of time


image: “IN TIME” (2011)

Philip Zimbardo: Psychology of time orientation
Mark Passio on time
George Carlin on time
Abed Nadir and time savings

Which of the answers is an artificial concept?

  • A calendar day
  • A week
  • A month
  • An hour
  • A year

The answer is at the end of this post. 

“Film a car speeding down a road: speed up the image infinitely-
and the car disappears. So what proof do we have of it’s existence?

Untitled.png.jpgTime gives legitimacy to it’s existence. Time is the only true unit of measure. it gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist. Time is unity.
– LUCY [2014]

Time is relative. In a way- it really does not exist. It is a concept. If you meditate on this matter, you would eventually get to the idea that in reality, there exists only one moment of time; one single unit of it.
We as a species have developed a means to record time, but really it changes according to gravitational waves. Getting the people to accept time as a solid unit bares very serious implications in the mental realm.
It makes the existence of humans more deterministic and goal oriented.
Consequentially, it makes it more easy to accept the notion of “It has always been this way” in regard of countless topics.
with the passage of time (better say generations) the whole attitude towards pregnancy could be altered, perhaps.


The answer to the riddle is – A week.

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