The Truman Show: Story of a Modern Moses

For a whole generation, this media piece symbolizes the personal struggle against the ultimate oppression and the very meaning of a “Golden cage”. It stands for dreaming, taking a leap of faith, overcoming one’s fears to redeem themselves.
But let’s see…

I recently did a re-watch of TTS, and it seemed more strange than ever before.
Then I started putting things together, and now am about to share with you a theory:

The Truman Show:
The story of a Modern Moses.

I will tell the original story of Moses, then compare it to Truman Burbank.
The aim was not to just draw biographic parallels but to draw a conclusion that reveals the true, hidden and subversive side of the film. Read it till the end.

We begin with the birth. They could decide not to film it, but they had to.
A crucial part of Moses’ story is how, when he was a baby, his sister Miriam put him in the reeds to hide from the wrath of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Actually, a vessel, like at the end of the film.
Circumstance would have it that the daughter of the emperor finds baby Moses and decides to adopt him into the royal family.

Esoterically speaking, the princess being a high priestess, who doesn’t want her reputation ruined, has tricked all involved in believing her born child is someone else’s.

Pharaoh orders the killings of Jewish infants because he is afraid of a prophecy telling of a rebel who’s born to lead the king’s slaves away.
Once, Moses grabs the king’s crown. The latter is about to execute the infant, afraid he’s dealing with the prophesized saviour to come. But an elder is proposing they test the kid’s senseless brains.
Before Moses was put two piles. A pile of gold nuggets, and a pile of blazing coal.
The infant reached with his hand to the gold, but god turned his decision.
Moses puts one blazing hot coal to his mouth. And so becomes maimed.
He will be unable to speak properly, only through his brother, Aaron.
Some say he stutters, others – that he invents a three-dimensional way of speaking, like the green-language, or the language of the birds. One level is a common language, another is esoteric, the third sacral.
I would say Truman DOES  stutter in a way: “Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight”. But that’s not my best argument.

In the biblical story, Moses kills one military/police general who tortured an old worker.
Truman Burbank “kills” his father, that’s what I could find.

In the story, Moses’ sister and brother come to him, declaring his true self,
but he does not recognize them. This is true here, as there are people who try to reveal the true nature of things to him. But readily we may see the characters of his wife and childhood friend as a twisted version of this.

Moses marries Tzipora (The word for bird, BTW),
whose father is Jethro, the founder of the Druze.
He is an occult astronomer, much like Abraham.
We have the improvisation of actor Jim Carrey with the astronaut mirror scene.
I don’t believe it was an improvisation per-se.
When the spotlight falls from the sky it says “Sirius” of all possible stars.
Read about Sirius significance to understand more about this sacral star system.
Also, speaking of dogs, the Dalmatian dog gimmick is so unnecessary (Since the gimmick already is Truman’s phrase to the audience), that we just had to find the reason for it. The dog symbolizes the Masonic Black&White flooring, the illusory thinking and self-indulgence or uninitiated approach, attacking our hero and subconsciously driving him.

When Burbank shouts at his “God”: “Is that all you can do?”
It Is a sick reference to the 10 acts of divine power rushed on the pharaoh.
10 commandments, 10 acts of god. Both are missing from this Satanic re-telling.
God deliberately makes Pharaoh’s heart hardened, unforgiving and uncompromising.
But here, this characteristic attribute either to god, or the viewer, or the citizens watching “TTS”.
Here, God hates Moses. He drowns him instead of his army of enemies.

HE does the division of the waters. Not god.
After dividing the waters Moses led his people through the desert.
And he crosses the waters to his freedom on a vessel titled “Santa Maria” – which is a sacral, hermeneutic symbol for the vulva, the cosmic womb. Truman is born-again.
But Moses never reached the promised land, because of his natural sins.

Moses received the Torah, the tenets, at Mount Sinai.
“Sin” translates to “moon” and is the name of a long-forgotten deity.
The “god” figure hides in the moon.

Truman is not The true Moses.
But WHY?

He doesn’t lead the people.
Moses was humble enough to be ashamed in the face of God’s decision. He asks him to find another leader and claims he cannot speak properly, even if he would return to Egypt. He understands the task at hand.

The travel agency scene and the fear of water are all related.
They would like to portray our life journey, well, as a literal journey.
for this role, Abraham would be more appropriate;
“Go to the land which I will show to you”.

Moses is a sheepherder. Truman is (even on all the posters) often seen asleep, which bears a connotation. Moses once goes after a stray sheep that leads him to a burning inexhaustible bush, which is god talking with him. Truman goes after his dreams only to find the road is miraculously set aflame, that later extinguishes on its own, just as it appeared.

This is what builds the character of Moses as the archetype for a true leader personality;
He cares for every single sheep. The Kabbalah lists all his characteristics and thus states that he is the greatest leader of all…
But Truman Burbank doesn’t lead anyone… anywhere… he is the sole dreamer of a single dream… And we can prove this as a wrongdoing.

The city hall gate states: “All For One And One For All” in Latin –
“Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno”


Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah, readers. This blog will touch on this topic many times. Today, those cities are being modelled as primarily sexually deviant and aggressive. But this was only a symptom. They were destroyed by God’s angels because they transgressed the number 1 rule of all: Free love and care one for another.
They achieved the state where it’s “Free rape one of another”.
Read the Hazal stories about those cities.

Christof, the manager of the dome, tries to reason with the main hero.
He tries to convince him that not only does Truman not going from slavery unto sovereignty, as Moses and his people did.
And it’s not that he tells to him: you are going from slavery to slavery.
This, at least, could give moral encouragement, and resurrect free will in the viewer.
But he tells him otherwise: “You are going from the paradise I made for you into the harmful slavery that I try and guard you away from”…

The people who watch the TV series TTS,
The people who work there, and the creators,
All the culture who allowed for legislators,
The people who gave a sick corporation [corporation = more than one person BTW]
the right to properly hold a person in captivity and personal insecurity and unknowing
Over the age of reason, over the legal age of consent, sexual maturity or any other mark.

They are all for one, and they are one for all. They are united, but their ways are evil.
This film is not encouraging action, it does not emotionally exalt a sober mind.
People who take it on themselves to follow the logic of this title – Are mental degenerates with herd-mentality instead of logic and reason.

So, the message is clear: The psychopathic makers of this film are:
first excusing themselves from the general public, then act like self-proclaimed gods, then propagate by covert and subconscious means that the wold (natural law) is really a prison from which they need to be free. Forget the rest.

Now when you’re finished, try watching reviews made by other “critics” and see how far away they really are from the truth.
This only goes to show how many dumb critics are out there on the internet.
And to show that you currently live in the actual Sodom and Gomorrah.
I found this not by mistake, but thorough examination of different fields of knowledge.
There IS an agenda-driven conspiracy of writers, directors and producers. Other mediums.

Some additional minor things that made it for me:

  1. The movie mentions the dome as one of two human-made buildings visible from space, the other being the great wall of China. This is, of course, a myth, as the emperor who built it had a dream where he floats in space and sees it.
    Such claims were also made for the Egyptian pyramids.
  2. It also has all the names of the streets referencing the names of once known actors.
    Just like the name Truman is a reference to one of USA presidents.
  3. Talking of Sirius, the movie features the Twins, perhaps as a reference to Annunaki.



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