WiseCrack exposed #3

Cover features the anime series “DevilMan CryBaby“, as in the WiseCrack video
[https://youtu.be/4YEw0smzzp0] I will deconstruct.
My deconstruction is not a review of the series, but if it happens to fit, I won’t be surprised. It is to be expected.
DMCB is the latest adaptation of the work by the infamous mangaka Go Nagai.
He debuted 50 years ago, which makes him one of the pioneers in the genre.
Known for his unique artistic style in Sci-Fi themed comics and light erotica, he is credited with creating the ‘Super Robot’ genre and for designing the first mecha robots piloted by a user from within a cockpit.

No, I haven’t watched the series but I can see what they keep out of their reviews.
Aren’t they tired of doing half-assed work? Only for the looks and money?

Should I “wipe their ass” every time they make a video?

  1. Could’ve talked about “Overton’s Window” as to address social changes that are morally mystified, but that’s clearly not the aim.
  2. Could’ve made a definitive statement about “Divide & Conquer” but too busy with making this clip filled with clipart.
  3. It seems they feel governments cooperate naturally, as opposed to what’s shown in the anime. That’s a big laugh.
  4. Read about how “Iron Curtain” really came to be, or at least a summary on Godzilla as a representation of Japan’s current position towards Nuclear Weapons . An important subject ignored.
  5. Not a word about true psychopaths that do act and live amongst us.
    We already have the tests to deal with them. Google PCL-R-2.
    Aren’t you concerned about what’s real anymore?
  6. Manicheism was, ultimately, about defying your body’s calls for sex and the such.
    It equals to Puritanism. The idea that the world is a constant battle between good and bad is not a conclusion, or the end of a journey. It’s the beginning (initiation) of a road to self-perfection when you strive to achieve doing only what’s right.
  7. Notice that right & wrong doesn’t equal good & bad.
    That’s because the latter is illusory. It’s the masonic Black & White flooring.
    Why do you think that Satan had both masculine and feminine characteristics? There goes their chance to make a gender statement.


Critical review done wrong.
Missed all the only relevant marks.
All talk and no action.
The conclusion at the end was of a one proud degenerative.

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