Another spy genre movie in my humble collection.

  • In the first scenes, a man wearing a black ski mask fit for robbery has entered a building (not sure if a hotel or bank).
    What looks like a security guard – is not exercising anything towards this unknown person except a monotonous -“Hey mister?..” Of course, gets shot.
  • In the following scene of attempted robbing and murder;
    Sean Bean, an ex-special forces personal guard, succeeds to neutralize that suspicious person.
    Perhaps, suffering shot wounds has clouded his instincts, but I seriously doubt it.
    By saying he “neutralizes”, I mean he gets a shot at him which stops his actions and movement, not guaranteeing lethality. Therefore Bean should have (No, simply had to) make distance the weapon from the agent.

This is a great film about the controversiality of most governments’ aims – (with the example of GB, of course) and how a determined person can deal with it once sober.
And it also succeeds at showing the not-so-popular side of the reactionary, the “terrorist”.
What exactly makes him what he is before, during and after.
This is done quite objectively and doesn’t cloud the full legitimacy of our main character.





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