Zoolander No.I

P.S. – The sequel title is stylized a-la “Chanel No.9” (french cologne) –
which subsequently makes the first installment – “No.1”.
Considering the strange name – Zoolander, and its’ connotation to biblical Noah (and his ark – ) the characters “No.I” make for the Russian variation of that name.
The Russian connection – the transgender helper of the villain is Russian. So sad…

Ben Stiller self-directed movies are all somewhat strange. And somewhat comic.
The cable guy, Tropic Thunder, Walter Mitty…
(I have not yet watched “Zoolander II” and “Reality Bites”)

P.S. – I’m gonna take another look, right before I watch those remaining two –
To determine the meaning behind the spoon and the time…

  • His name is HASSAN, which translates from Arabic as “A good person”. Surprise, surprise.
  • That spoon makes an upside-down reflection. Like a human eye.
  • Time magazine being thrown out in the trash.
  • At the eulogy ceremony we can see the hand model. Omnodexterity.
  • Matilda is posing so that she is in the epix of the arch. Though an arch of a graveyard gate, but still.
  • The second movie featured a come-back joke of distant place being either south or north of NJ-NY.
  • The ad where Derek is a mermaid also echoes in the second movie. Notice that the beauty product is called AVEDA (lost property in Hebrew), and is most likely a parody of the Israeli brand AHAVA (love).
  • 2 – The question “Who am I!?” is mocked and is made empty enough, though echoing through from the first film. Blasphemous Neil Tyson is the last thing we see before the credits.
  • In No.2 the bomb Mugatu holds reads “BOY”?
  • “The forbidden fruit must be tasted!” What the hell was that!?
  • LITTLE CLITUS. Damn it why that name tho?
  • David Bowie (Mr. Lightning bolt) plays the role of the judge.
  • Just a small tiny thing: NDT got invited because “Tyson” is the name of the “coach” that warns Derek against the wedge: “You’re not a kid anymore. You could hurt yourself.”
    Yeah, I achieved conspiracy-theory level.
  • Mr. “bulletproof hand,” tells you who stands behind all the killings.
    Not why they do it, i.e. no moral-ethical definition. Sleep tight…
  • So, in the sequel they dressed up Mugatu in that body-suit because of his fashion invention, and because our heroes make-up to look like minorities.
  • In the DJ booth, Dj looks like a Jamaican, and Hansel – like an American flag.
    In truth, it was the US government who both practiced the “war on cannabis”
    as well as “MK ULTRA”, “Artichoke” and “Paperclip”.
    And BTW, the only reason we even know about those is that THEY disclosed it…
    “30 years of files that are going to shut you down”. Yeah, that was really funny.
    Oh, the humanity.
    Suppose, that’s the reason that a Jew is also making an apology…

  • Clay \ Model meaning.
  • “…That can be manipulated and molded. Like Jell-O. – Or cookie dough. Any kind of dough. We need an empty vessel. A shallow, dumb, vacuous moron! And then – we dispose of him.”
    Zoolander maybe a model (see definition) by vocation, but he also refers to himself as sort of clay. Ever thought why they call it “Casting”?
    If you ever thought what masons are building, exactly, in their metaphor for bricks – This here is the dark variety. The bright one is simply giving life to more healthy children.
  • The word “Ab-originee” is used in it’s opposite, corrupted meaning.
  • The unique and inflammatory death of his closest three friends.
    Again, might be a mirrored version of a masonic tale. Here – Hiram Abyth.
    Let us be honest and say that the aim of the hero is truly positive and generous:
    To teach people how to read properly along with mastering other things; Literally a library.
    That might be the reason why Z is schooling the dark mason Mugatu with the dispute over the architectural miniature!
    Also, his secret technique is called “Magnum” – as in “The Great Work” (Opus).
  • Mugatu, the dark mason, issues a fashion line (not sure about target-group) titled “DERELICT(E)”. It translates to “beyond repair”, but also “abandoned”. As in abandonment issues or simply – the uninitiated, “The dead”.
  • “Wake me up” song plays in the background of their funeral.
  • True fact: Fashion industry causes anorexia in adolescents BECAUSE the typical designers are pederasts or homosexuals – shaping the desired sexual preferences via “Overton’s Window”.
  • Balls models. just that. I hope everyone already knows Bill is…
    The boss’s surname, Bill-Stein, is intriguing.
  • Cole miner father figure says “you’re dead to me”. Perhaps a reference to Humanity_version_1.0, or just people who don’t see the sun, i.e. the dead.
    Or a similar play on abandonment issues, making this
  • The indoctrination video uses sun sublimation behind mugatu.
    Then Ben Stiller appears on the podium with a halo around his head…


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