This movie is much like an adaptation of “Robinson Cruzo”. But it isn’t.
A true story, by the way, based on the life of one “Selkirk”, who spent his years on an island near Chile, and yet on another one, later, on the same island.
I think a different director would have done better with the musical aspect.

From the beginning, the theme is – federal (lit. Postal).

The first ten minutes are directors’ Zemeckis attention to Russia.
Russia here still shown like it’s “dragging behind in time”.
Suppose tom hanks is here – Hermes Trismegistus…

The color red and the motives associated with the Russian scenes –
will still echo at the end of the film. Like the fact he is now able to drive his own car, or that he seemingly free to roam the land… almost literally the four corners of earth…

All to make the common man feel secure in their own federation, ruled by the same psychopaths.

  • We see the demontage of Lenin’s memorial plate, which is still hard to believe.
    Moreover, the Kulishov effect makes it a subliminal message, like it is a gift…
  • We see an unneeded metaphor – a wheel collar carrying the symbol of the socialist party for some unclear reason. Must be a propaganda movie then.
  • Oh, and the mausoleum of Lenin is here referred to as “tomb”.
    You won’t hear anything like that about the Taj-Mahal, now would you?

We again see the theme in a tv episode dedicated to Santa Claus.
This reminds me of “the miracle on 43d street”. Watch it, and maybe read my post on it.

By the end, we share empathy for the characters’ “discontent” with how easy modern life is, or at least became so.
With him, we contemplate on the matter of a lighter, sushi, ice, even banknotes. Etc.

This film has a direct relation to a certain financial trust, instituted in 1667.
This is one crucial part where we don’t need to feel the attitude we perceive and attribute to tom hanks’ role:

It was made so that any person “lost at sea” can be “brought up back to life”,
if being missing eventually, for under seven years total.
And I put “lost at sea” in quotes because, under any federation, any person is, factually, a vessel. You might figure out the rest on yourself, considering you have yourself a “birth” certificate. Try and research that term as well. Birth.

I definitely recommend being acquainted with the works of:


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