title: one way in, no way out. As above so below poster.

It was what I feared the most.

ANNIHILATION: The attempt to cinematographically capture LSD/DMT, and the fear of shimmering.
Subtitle: the sixth practice of Tibetan watching television.

What is television. What is perspective. What is watching something? What is persona?
What is reality and what is good and bad? The sequence of these questions is directly opposite from the contrapunctre set in Netflix’ most acclaimed film of 2018.

AN is similar to lots of films. Most are Russian – “Solaris”, “The fountain”, “Stalker”, “I want it too”…

Kane is KIN – it is cain and abel… by the end of the film they symbolically kill you.

They made god into a flick. They made god into an alien that you force out of your mind, your body…

The version I watched had two audio streams: one Russian and one English.
The “Religious event” was translated to “Religious apocalypsis”. It only may seem unfit.
Religion means coming together, and apocalypse is revelation. They both told you the nature of reality, the truth so to speak, and spoiled the ending/beginning. That’s their way to get out of culpability.

Getting old = pathology. Mutation loop- not so much.

Lighthouse. Lingam. Or la-goim. Aliens.

Infinity 8 tattoo. Was it transferred?

Capital B BUDDHA in a white lab-coat. Judge. God almighty.
This whole thing is judgement of the dead, and plays on the theme of Tibetan book of the dead as well.
This is because we are all Schrodinger’s cats. You just might die right F’ing now . Reality is constant.
So they keep your unconscious in the truth, but keep inflating the untruth around it.
that’s called torture.

The girl speaks of “perfect harmony”, expecting to mean reality of things, and goes on calling themselves “damaged goods”. Continuing to play genuineness. “She means us” XD.

Yes, there are very few armies that enroll females. But the choice to portray only women with guns goes to tell something more. It telegraphs to all the other countries, watching NETFLIX around the globe, that the US and its culture is unique. Not necessarily in a good way. Not at all.

Confusing Suicide = self-destruction.

The completeness of monologues and dialogues in this kind of movies is so primer!
that it makes some part of you believe that the outside world is such: Uninterruptive.
It makes you shift the balance between what is good and whats bad. Makes you a solipsist.
But by the end of some personal mental development, you switch. You “flip the script” almost literally.
thus allow yourself to roam and skip the film freely. That’s what I do.
Then, this practice shows you how everything (everything) – is just text.
Either text or resembling, echoing previous text. Say, the bible. Text that requires your audience.
True enlightment shows you that that other side is gaslighting you, since it all sums up to what is, to you, an asset, and that which is a liability. In this dividance you fully understand that you yourself are not god. And that you still need to develop yourself.

Microscope VS hand.
What I mean to tell people, is that the universe is inside of them. That what they consume, and I deal with media here, is essential.

“My fingerprints -They move”, “My guts will move too…”
“I want to be the same person when I finish this”. As if it’s not the case…

Bear nightmare. Help me death. No nose… OWL
So, was it an evolutionary mechanism, or not?

Annihilation = No inhilation. No more spirit. The end of the world. IST THOUGH?

“I had to come back” What is dissolvement? Immersion. CANT BEAR…

Music used? Lyrics?

“I don’t want neither of these things”.



ИХ настолько запутали, что они решили что всё одно и то же. Что они- и есть их плоть.
Что пара в конце – это и есть те же люди. Или не те же…. И что они – боги. Или – не они…

«…Нет. Это бусины решили, что они люди…»

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