Queen of Pentacles


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Upright: Practical, homely, motherly, down-to-earth, security

Reversed: Imbalance in work/ family commitments


The Queen of Pentacles depicts a solitary woman who sits upon a throne decorated with carvings of fruit trees, goats, angels, and other symbols of material success and sensual pleasure. The tree above her and the ground beneath her feet are rich with flowers and ripe plants of all sorts and she holds in her hand a single golden pentacle, which represents her material richness. At the very lower right-hand corner of the card a rabbit, the symbol of reproduction and fertility, leaps out from behind some bushes. The rabbit also hops into our awareness, symbolising that it is a good time to look before we leap and exercise good judgement as the Queen of Pentacles does.


The Queen of Pentacles is a very ‘motherly’ card, expressing practical energy. She is the original Earth Mother. She shows her love for others by cooking, cleaning, keeping a warm and inviting home and bringing in a decent income to support the family financially. She is also able to work a full-time job, take care of the children, keep the house clean, and still have time to read the business section of the newspaper. She probably has her very own bank account or investment portfolio that nobody else knows about. She strives to create a warm and secure environment for her family and loved ones, and gives love and support freely.

The Queen of Pentacles may represent a mother figure in your life who can provide you with loving support and nurturing to help you get through the influences of your past. She may be a teacher, a counsellor, a mentor, or someone who you are very close to. Alternatively, she may represent a part of yourself, particularly if you are investing a lot of yourself into nurturing and caring for others and creating an established and comfortable lifestyle.

The Queen of Pentacles suggests that it is important to you that you are able to live independently, with a stable income and with enough time and space to also nurture your family and loved ones. You may be trying to create a better balance between your home and work lives, giving it your all in both domains and trying not to compensate one for the other. At the same time, you are also able to find time to invest in yourself and ensure that you have enough ‘me’ time in between all of your other commitments.

The Queen of Pentacles represents prosperity and security. She suggests that you have worked hard to generate a level of financial or physical security which, in turn, gives you the ability to be generous with others and to share your wealth and prosperity with those you love. You have used your financial prosperity to build a comfortable home environment and you are focused on investing in your family, as well as your personal wealth.

This Queen asks you to maintain a compassionate, nurturing, practical and down-to-earth attitude when it comes to dealing with others and your present circumstances. You need to focus on creating a calm and balanced life for yourself. You need to be resourceful and practical, dealing with issues as they arise and coming up with realistic and simple solutions that fix the problem with minimal fuss. The Queen of Pentacles is also able to find a use for everything in the home, and is very handy and versatile.


The Queen of Pentacles reversed sees you becoming very consumed in your work. You may be placing your career before your family or your relationships, and this is having a detrimental impact. Of course, this may be ok on a temporary basis but you need to assess its long-term impact. To rebalance your life, you may find a release by returning to a favourite nature spot (a forest, beach or mountain) and allowing yourself to take in this fresh, natural energy.

Similarly, the Queen of Pentacles reversed can suggest that you are feeling worried about whether you can be financially independent, while also still maintaining your family connections. You may be concerned that if you invest in your career or financial well-being, you might not have enough energy to invest in your family. Sometimes, you just cannot do everything and you will need to make some choices.

You may also find that you become a bit of a homebody and somewhat isolated from others. If so, you need to fight this urge and keep in touch with your friends and family as they will be a great help and support to you.

At times, the reversed Queen of Pentacles may suggest that your tendency to ‘mother’ those you care about is actually becoming more like smothering. Your intentions are good in that you love to cook, clean, nurture and care for those around you but there may be a point at which you need to let others be accountable for their own upkeep. You cannot always be the one doing the laundry or cooking the dinner. Sometimes you need to step back and let others take on the load. Similarly, you may reach a point where you are investing so much time looking after others that you find you are neglecting yourself. Again, step back and let others take on some of the household responsibilities.


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