Black Panther


Many praise the film for “empowering” the black community and/or culture.
A typical Dog/Lion case in my thinking:

There is a fundamental difference between dogs and lions. When you’re with a dog and you throw a stick, the dog will faithfully chase the stick. When you throw a stick before a lion, the lion will chase you, not the stick.

The lion is not fooled by the game of sticks. It looks directly at the thrower of the sticks.

This is an example of mistreating the priorities, the mixup of cause and effect that blurs our clear understanding. Colonization is brought up so scarcely in the movie it is barely even there.
But why?

It is because the film was produced in the USA Another brainwashing project that states the official agenda and policy of the states themselves towards foreign diplomacy.
Audiences failed to see the metaphor of Hydra for it it is – A Neo-Fascist group that took over the USA while nobody noticed. As they failed to see the russophobia in Thor: Ragnarok, an already blasphemous creation- guised as “pluralism” and “tolerance”.

Let me explain:

Wakanda is presented as a combination of several imagined versions of current countries:

  • North Korea – With a threatening state that poses as a simple, rice farming nation.
  • Saudi Arabia – With a story of a fabulous rock that gave wealth to the people.
  • The heart of Africa – That is dying of poverty and whose population is, ironically, to go extinct by birth control after bringing up the first civilization of humans.

They also failed to see the Wakanda government for what it is –
A state with high standard technology, able, if so inclined, to wage war on any foe

  • It has zero management skills among the ruling class representatives.
  • Notice what exact aspects of their lives are shown, and what is left behind. It is not a mistake or the need to set margins. Like for example the swift appearance of poor graffiti on a wall.
  • We see tradition prioritizing over reason not in the day to day decisions, but on a governmental level.
  • The new king (and his subordinates) are not driven by logic – they are illogical.
    In the creator’s mind, this is the quality “needed” to rule the worlds most advanced society.
  • This is major – At the first attempt to infiltrate the structure The whole system collapses. The king does not keep his friends close and enemies closer. He’s just a dumbass in a costume, and in comparison to him, any stupid villain looks cool.
  • No one of the masses wonder how a proven government agent suddenly went rogue. They believe what they are shown. His parental abandonment issues would have complicated with other aspects of personality.
    Why don’t we consider that he is sent purposefully or trained, in the first place, for the same reasons of bringing down a foreign country…?
    They don’t want you to see the pattern.

The brainwashed couldn’t see past their indoctrinated so-called patriotism:
the last scenes, at the UN, where Wakanda’s leader is pledging to share with the world its knowledge is seen by them, naively, as a sigh after long tension, when in fact it is the submission of a political mastodon after a swift and acute decapitation.
Emotional manipulation at it’s best.
Still, don’t understand? Well, consider yet again the USA policy towards North Korea or any perceived “villainous” country of the past.
Russians, Muslims, Germans. It doesn’t matter as long as we all are scared to death.

This is just a spec of what we can make out of MCU- the marvel cinematic universe.
I will be encouraged to make a more wholesome series if so possible.

Black people could be more opinionated on current affairs than, as Black Panther suggests, play the role of the victim and demand chaos that plays right into the puppeteer’s hands.

We still hadn’t covered the ridicule of shamanism, the theme of translations and other aspects of the film.

Forest Whitaker, an actor I tend to admire, portrayed Uganda’s totalitarian leader Idi Amin in an outstanding movie “The Last King of Scotland” (2006).
Like Pol Pot (Cambodia), Idi Amin was an exemplary case of a person educated in the “civilized west” only to come back and rule the native nation ruthlessly.

Now Whitaker plays the role of the tribal ritual master…

I think the true main character in the “Black Panther” was the one of Andy Serkis, who maintained the balanced irony of shoving the truth equally to each of the sides’ faces.

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