• So strange to make such portrayal on the potential canvas of “behind the scenes” of the original game.
    It should reveal a more moral state of affairs.
  • The original game was a twist on “the big bad wolf” – here, birds flipped the script and missile themselves a-la kamikaze, into the pigs’ formations made of glass, wood, and rock.
  • This movie was absolutely disgusting.
  • Sexual Innuendo – All types and manners of it. Completely disproportional to a kids/family movie. Embarrassing in it’s revealing. Especially on birds, who are not even mammals…
    So that it is unclear how they managed to maintain a PG regulation:
    Streaptease, Scat, and golden shower.
  • The mighty eagle is supposed to symbolize the USA, resembling fascism and USA national animal. The pigs are the Islamists now inhabiting Europe.
    Make America great again should be the motto.
  • Treatment of people with anger management issues – You will be exiled as soon as you “trigger” some strange person.
    Meanwhile, those extreme Islamists rape white women. But the growing up kid will learn to tolerate principal to all other things… His righteous anger will be self-suppressed.

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