Simple DIY Self-help Art Therapy

As part of my side-mission to elevate psychological pain from people with trivial methods, I present to you a summary of how you can assist your self-healing with simple, everyday practices.

You should never let anyone or anything to dissuade you from therapy.
Find a cure for our ailments.

Also, from my own experimentation, you can well mix up many methods into one,
single practice.

Don’t go telling yourself “It’s nothing really” or “I’ll manage somehow”. This is great!

The material is translated from Russian article from 16.11.2015
23 способа поставить мозги на место.

23 Ways to put your mind at ease.

Sometimes, the right words do not come to mind, thoughts rush at the speed of light, and it seems that the brain is about to explode. In such a situation, the firm advice of the art therapist Victoria Nazarevich will come to the rescue.
You only need to pick up paper and pencil and just start drawing.
It does not matter how. And later you will find amazing harmony and tranquility.
Therefore, in any incomprehensible situation – Start drawing.

  1. Tired – draw flowers.
  2. Angry – draw lines.
  3. It hurts – make a sculpture.
  4. Boring – fill a piece of paper with different colors.
  5. Sad – draw a rainbow.
  6. Scary – weave macrame or do applications of fabric.
  7. Alarmed – make a rag doll.
  8. Anxious – tear the paper into small pieces.
  9. Worried – fold origami.
  10. Strained, tense – draw patterns.
  11. Want to remember – draw labyrinths.
  12. Disappointed – make a copy of some pictures.
  13. Desperation – draw a road, a pathway.
  14. Necessary to understand something – draw mandalas.
  15. Quickly restore our strength – draw landscapes.
  16. To understand your feelings – draw autoportrait.
  17. To remember a mental state – paint color spots.
  18. To systematize thoughts – draw honeycombs or squares.
  19. To understand your desires – make a collage.
  20. To concentrate on thoughts – draw with dots.
  21. To find the best way out of the situation – draw waves and circles.
  22. Feeling “stuck” and need to move on – draw spirals.
  23. To concentrate on the goal – draw grids and targets. 


Hope you liked it!

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