RE: “TDK. The Only Post-9/11 Noir”

In response to YouTube channel ScreenPrism.
Video title: “The Dark Knight: The Only Post-9/11 Noir”.

Somehow I can’t watch this without getting sick.
I hope everyone reads my text. Imagine shouting…

The film is about the 2008 crisis. You people keep thinking about 911. Shame.
Even though the fact of Batman’s surveillance should be upsetting, as mirroring the horrifying, treacherous patriot act.
Your government, more probably than not, had done this to you and executed a man who never existed in the first place.

“Couldn’t save us”. yeah, when all the possible eyes and radars were purposefully shut down for training on the same day… But you are happy as you can be. You’ve found your Noir movie. And it’s great to watch. Bravo.

You talk about moral conflict, but in the end, you don’t have a verdict on morality. You’re all about the looks.

The joker is the same vigilante as Batman is, and Batman is the same terrorist. Think about how he invaded China. You’re Blind!

And the Dutch shot literally rectifies Joker in our eyes. Not what you’ve said.

Finally, you don’t understand comic superheroes’ purpose in your own culture…
Read Umberto Eco.

You make me sick. You and the abandonment issues that require all around you to live in slavery.

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