Why I recently changed my autograph

Required viewing:
“The Crucible” (1996).
“Hancock” (2008).
“Adam ruins everything” episode; Why Your Credit Card Is Never Secure.
Mark-Kishon-Christopher: “Tricks and traps of the court” seminar.

John Hancock. Was one of the founding fathers of the United States of North America.
Upon sealing the scroll, declaring independence with his subordinates, J.H. signed his autograph with such beautiful elegance, that his name is still, in current time, a synonymous expression for any act of signing one’s name on a paper.

I recently sealed an abiding contract between our roommates before an esquire, in his office.
It was time to rule in the signed 12 checks for the next year of rent payments, which
I signed with an original, all-caps autograph.

The lawyer looked at me with amazement.
– “Does your bank allow this?” He asked. – “Why not make it less counterfeit-able?”
Well, ladies and gentlemen; Not only your bank would accept it, they will encourage it.
And today anything can be counterfeited and copied. You just need to stay vigilant.
The burden of proof lies always on the claimer.
You, on the other hand, are equipped and sided by all the abundance mentality of the known universe.

Autograph (writing ones’ self) is the most autonomous act we do in our lives.
Let any atheist who claims he doesn’t have a soul simply sign at the bottom of a blank legal paper.
See if he complies. Then you know if you’re dealing with a decent human being.
But most of us sign the paper with a cursive line. Let’s determine why we do it.

Allegedly, we are all individuals. All so unique.
Individual – meaning one that which is not able to split itself.
Or not suffering Schizophrenia- the division of one’s mind.
To prove the title, you need to prioritize your doings in a coherent trivial methodology-
Grammar > Logic > Rhetoric.
Thus, you are making your thinking into your actions, which are your property.

Following that logic, you will always know when and when you are making any contract and will be able to retrieve the information from your brain when needed for proof.
Also If any immoral claim is made against your property, you will be able to perform self-defence.

Thus, there is a-priory, no reason for signing your papers with anything but your clear, all-caps name.
Only we are programmed with information about our insecurity.
It is a trick, a lie. A mind control achieved by endless repetition.
Told there are identities which try to take property by covert means. Nothing to do about it.

And we are persuaded by them, eventually, to sign in a way that marks not our property,
but our individual illness – our ego self, the illusory, the fiction. The worm inside of us speaks.
Later we tell others to do so and our children too.
We tell them it is a protection against dark spirits, bad men.
Well, if you can’t beat them, join them.
It is a temporary solution to a long-term problem.

With writing our names properly and in the open, we can at the least get back the respect we deserve as well as the ‘romantic’ sense of facing the uncertainty in life.

Only then can we look differently at your subordinates…

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