P.S. – I am 100% sure that the band members all have read Mikhail Bulgakov’
“The Master and Margarita”, with the gigantic, black cat named Behemoth.
Which makes the whole title into an inside joke.
If this is true; “Well done”.

P.P.S. – Behemoth keep using titles where the letter F is replaced for V.
Apperently a reference to their native language, Polish.
However it seems the whole theme is a motif for the group’s existance,
Sharing the secret that INVERNO literally means WINTER. Boom.

What I’m doing on this blog most of the time is to show those uninitiated –
how what they conceive as normal is most probably not.
Perhaps, by showing them how some things they would consider morally bankrupt is actually not so frightening.

I rarely enjoy growling music. Just not my cup of tea. But I can stand it.
I’m just a guy who likes Slipknot and struggles to face the fact they’re no longer the hardest, heaviest thing there is. Rammstein was my drug of choice.

So, the whole schtick of shock-value rock genre to me is familiar.
The whole appeal of bands like Behemoth seems to exert fantasies of what exactly do these exhibitionists do at their spare time and leisure.

The theme of the “show” is semantically similar, or at least appropriate, to the church of Satan. However, the doubly-uninitiated fail to see how even this “institution” is a pale, toy-ish representation of the true thing we all might call EVIL.

An inside joke. All are made in the set margins of the cult of Christianism.
The choice of headwear is not what most might think – It is a sort of protection, a white flag – to wear the symbol of Dagon on your head. To mock the acolytes.

Those reviewers I stumbled upon are misplacing “Reaction” instead of “Reception /Impression”. A great and common mistake.
Most of the videos are titled specifically “Christians react…”,
except for one Muslim who is actually a fan of metal music. LOL.

There’s nothing threatening in the film itself, as a visual component, a background to the audio.
These are common stories from the Judeo-Christianic mythology.
Though the (Re)legionists still failed to see the connection of the scales to the mythical motif from the Egyptian book of the dead.

A crucial part of understanding the song is considering the album it is part of.
The upcoming album is titled “…I LOVED YOU AT YOUR DARKEST…”.
It is a quote from the bible book of Romans and has the direct relation to the topic of this song.

Cast the pearls before the swine.
This is Marilyn Manson meets Hieronymus Bosch.
Go see “Spotlight” when you can.

Personally, I’d go with showing a tiny-bit more flayed skin, and get rid of the camera vibrating. Behemoth, you are good enough with a still camera. The message even gets through better.

Post-Scriptum. An aftermath.

I am being told that the leader/vocalist, Nergal, is portrayed on a crucifix because of his character assassination by the hands of the Polish church/government.

TRINITY. Behemoth began using a symbol made of three upside-down crosses, laid out in a certain perspective, making one lower than the two others which are seemingly on the same horizon.
Connect this with the black-eyed king-justice-god figure and the rest of the characters.

The Christians that I watched reviewing, don’t even know that the phrase was taken from the bible. In fact, they renounce it.
They don’t know what “liber” in “liberty” stands for…

Well, mission accomplished. Go on sipping from that beer can, “brother”.

They crawl in the darkness – trying to find meaning to fill their words:
They know what ancient religions are, but don’t see the connections to the lyrics, let alone try self-reflect.
How dog means Sirius A/B, how the bull is Baal, how the crescent is pagan, How the bishop hat is Dagon, how Abraham is Brahman…
The whole theme of the song is about the “reincarnations” of the Christ figure throughout the millennia.

They actually know Thelema stuff, or how Moses breaks the 2 plates…
Or that EL was a deity, father of Baal!
But they don’t see the @#%ing connections to the video!!!???
They don’t know EL means “star”??? ELOHIM being the starry night sky???

They go on, disregarding the virtue that they, in fact, spotted, of exposing the hypocrisy of an institute trying to help the poor.

This Nergal guy is schooling you so much, you can’t even fathom it.
He is such an iconoclast, you can call him Abraham.
He does reach to the people who might feel worthless. On a planet ruled with indecent profanity, they struggle to find knowledge and teachers. And sometimes they are snatched and conquered by those who show them the light. But the dark light.

Nergal is saying:
we are on a plane field. All are welcome to educate and lead the children to the peak.
Now let’s see who gets to the pinnacle first. Who’s got the truth?

All the while you can’t spit it out.

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