“There’s an old saying that victory has a 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan.”

Eye of providence motif.

Opening shot is of an eye looking through a magnifying glass.

I would say that the “alpha and omega” rule is missing here, since the last scene depicts the signing of a contract, then the camera aims to the fluorescent ceiling lights. But I would argue that the film ended when the burning letter is being cast into a black two-dimensional square of darkness, which is the garbage bin. To which Bill casts his secret, and what made him “vulnerable” and human in the eyes of his peers.
And what kept us, as an audience, invested…

In one following scene we are shown people (speaking Russian, for some reason)
Asking our main hero change for a dollar.
One-dollar bill also has the eye of providence, upon a pyramid. “It favors our work”
Notice that the hero’s middle name is Bill.
Interestingly enough, the hero inquires of his spouse – what color does their child have. A maneuver.

Bill is the one god who overlooks his own craft, a hobby – containing a miniature ship inside a bottle. The symbol for the ship inside of a bottle should read as literally a vessel trapped in a vessel –
a tesseract – a cube inside a cube. This is a satanic world view – positioning your views as god, as opposed to not being in alignment with god.

  • We are shown a rectified pentagram. Remember that this is, again, foreshadowing for the Russians. The USSR worshiped man over god, and practiced “scientific atheism”. Research it.
  • The translated radio transmission tells of red forces fighting blue forces.
    This is a reference to the masonic two types of lodges.
    by the way, all country flags with the tricolor combination (red, white and blue) is officially under the authority of the Netherlands. So, this is a controlled opposition they admit to.
  • Film features some black-and-white parts, depicting war. This is a reference to the masonic tradition, where black and white flooring is a metaphor for uninitiated foolishness.
    We can translate this into the masters stating they don’t want war. They would very much appreciate compliance, instead.
  • Bill receives a gift for his newborn child – “A Christmas carol” – where Ebeneezer Scrooge is shown visions of past, present and future, only to melt his
  • On a similar note – Ulysses, as well as other books by the same author, is a very hard book to read, due to its complexity, intricacy and convolution.
  • Once again, the scene of the kid pissing himself on Santa-Claus’s lap is a mistake. Not at all.
    Not only does it trying to disprove god in our eyes, but it is again related to substances.
  • Horn motif – Throughout the film, a siren is being triggered. By the end, we see the hero visiting the now “blown” imposter. His front door is decorated with an angel blowing a horn.
    In the Jewish tradition Blowing a horn is done in celebration of the new year.

The dumb and deaf motif.“The silence is deafening”.
The famous three monkeys describe the proverb “hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil”.
Speech being the prominent action of manifesting reality.
This visual slogan is often used when entering facilities like prisons, or places of maximum security.
In other words, the garbage bin of the known universe, where correction takes place.
A movie theater resembles this description, to which we enter with the same agreed properties.

In a society obsessed with secrecy, and counter-intelligence or counter-information, i.e. supervising, spying – The fact we are presented with that tape recorder is making us feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, feeling need and support, as if we were the ones being compromised against.

The Bones group takes origin in Yale university, whose motto is, again, “URIM VE TUMIM” – which is hard to translate, but one variation is definitely “The bright and the dumb”, or in masonic tradition: “Those on the level and those on the square”.

“It’s vital to penetrate the enemy’s intelligence services.
Push them into an unreal world, as it were.”

Usage of terms like “sir” – which is “master”.
This is a society of slaves, mastering each other in their backwardness.
Their initial motto or modus operandi is “creating a parallel world” – for the slaves to live in.
Any organized crime is using their own slang and keeps it that way.
That’s how they dissuade outsiders. We can see it clearly in the beginning of the film.

The Skull and bones Are the symbol of pirates and the Bones society.
Notice that pirates is, literally, “those who conjure fire”.
in the film, their “deity” is a glorified “king skeleton”, wielding the sword justice.In the film, this successes by performing nude wrestling (in order to gain status in the eyes of this “god”), while being covered in mud, filth, and urine (piss).

According to Mark Passio, the symbol of a skull and crossed bones is there to signify their rejection of empathy, reasoning and compassion, as well as their defensive stance and hostility – xenophobia. Which translates by deduction methodology to literally “Homophilia”. Transvestism, of course, also favored.

“No Jews, no Negros, no Catholics”

“America / Bones-men first, God second.”

Film shows usage of unneeded alcohol. Research the origin of the expression “(getting) pissed off”.
Strangely and contradictory enough, the film treats all that are “unworthy” as “faggots” or homosexuals. This, combined with the similar treatment of women, by this only-male-membership, only goes to show how these “elites” are in fact, only existing to be in turn be ruled by forces unknown even to themselves.

While the film deals very well with topics like – peer pressure, it’s relation to trust and secrecy, and therefore it being directly tied as well as ethics as it is to morality, thus requiring vigilance and necessity of understanding group psychology, Theultimate message of this film seems to be –The only way to escape the world of deception, here – CIA, is to find god. CIA is then, in speech, compared to god.
They are the ones who would give you entheogenic only to torture you instead.
Those generally sick minds proclaim themselves to be “good shepherds” – in a perverted way, where they professionally herd sheep yet promise protection from an imaginary wolf, thus filling his position.

Remember:They could admit their wrong doings and treat each other differently, but it would mean they then become unoccupied. An easy solution is usually the right one. Notice when does Bill returns the cross back.Their aim is to make such a program that would require consumption of as much energy as possible. As this would require creating endless upon endless entities to sustain their sick worldview.
Their motto on the wall should read “Men will seek death and shall not find it.”
Dumb motherfuckers.

Since the discovery of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) –
If there ever was any legitimacy in war mongering, It right fell off.

The movie was made with care and accuracy, in my opinion. Although it was almost three hours long, at the first half it goes quite well. Of course, they could achieve better results with better cutting, but then the fabric of the built world would be less intact.
I almost never watch spy genre movies, and I’m not even sure if this constitutes as one.
But on the other hand, perhaps, this could be the best example of them all.
“Tinker tailor solider spy” sound promising, but was a complete waste of time.
“Mark Felt” was more than okay.
“The lives of others” is a great one. I would recommend it to anyone.

Pediment and balustrade. The mason apron.
is 322 and 177 connected? how?

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