«10 Cloverfield Lane» 2016

10CL was for me the best movie of 2016. I got to watch it in a spectacular theater with moving seats that vibrated in unison with this every violent whim of this movie.
By all means, you should watch it if you expect a good thriller with sci-fi elements of a horror movie.
It was like a never-ending nightmare with clever plot twists on every turn that climaxed in an ending full of empowering hope in the human spirit.

Красота Спасет Мир

But- watching it a year later, i started doubting my ranking of it-

It basically a story about an abdoctionee, who has issues with his Stockholm Syndrome.

It convinces you that being dumb is being lucky.
Ever heard of synchronicity?
Also, the official ending is just funny when you really consider her medical and fighting abilities. She simply is good at making costumes.

It prevails women over men in a cringy fashion.
The purpose for the name of Emmetts‘ character in this film, along with the refernce to Noah’s ark, is to be recognized as a judaic esoteric tradition: In this sense he represents a Golem; a man-made creature obeying his creator’s every command.

With conspiracy theroies mentioned, it only ridicules the notion from every angle.

Also, notice that the puzzle they try to complete features a cat with a distinct left eye missing…

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