«Close encounters» of the turd kind

“That was a close encounter of the turd kind but there won’t be a pretty ending this time.” -Alfred Hitchcock

– “It’s a coincidence… (therefore) not scientific…”
– (French) “This is a sociological phenomenon.”

Present day is no day but a day when someone gets some present.

The USA is again shown to be world-domineering as they help some brown foreigners who seem to be scared to death, although being well-trained soldiers themselves…

I propose that the leitmotif of this film appears to be the biblical story of Noah:

Project “Rainbow” – a reference, because after the flood, God shows Noah a rainbow, as a sign of promised peace in the world. The experimentation with Tesla technology led to ships, airplanes and such vehicles to teleport to undisclosed locations.
Just like Noah’s “Box” made its way to Mount Ararat, Armenia.

The building of Noah’s ship also takes place in the movie:
We are shown the main characters’ vision taking place as he finally starts building his model, all shot on camera so that his apartment is resembling the said “Box” – for example, the small single window, through which he recklessly tries to operate all imaginable planning.

By the way- The “Box” is an esoteric symbol in masonry, meaning the place where resides the “Holy of holies”, like in the Judaic temple it was in ancient times.

All the “chosen” characters are somewhat skilled in painting their visions, while the main hero is skilled in making clay models, and we are shown his family and kids (three).
This is telling of the Masonic tradition, including the painters since they are either adding or demeaning shadow and light from a certain picture.

Then, near the mountain, a person sells a caged bird (definitely a pigeon) as an alarm –
1. They take two pigeons, yet the Torah speaks a raven was sent before the dove.
2. “Alarm” translates from *French* as a call for arms, a duty call for war…
May I remind that a white dove, as well as rainbows, are symbols for peace…
3. A similar practice with nightingales is common in deep mines, which may bring us closer to the established tale of the Annunaki, as they (not God) destroy humanity v1.0 in a flood\destructed mines.

The characters that are “led” or “summoned” to the mountain are resembling another biblical story – The gathering at Mount Sinai, where the Torah was given to the Jewish people.
It is said that every soul of any Jew that ever lived OR will ever live – attended this gathering as well as the current living. This metaphor is, therefore, speaking of an archetypal gathering.

That is the reason why the pair of heroes (man and woman) part their ways at the peak,
since she is the sun, being with all her face burned, while he signifies the moon, with his face neatly burned on precisely one half. Mount Sinai translates to “mountain of the MOON”.

And, in the first third of the film, we see a McDonald’s sign, telling us “over 24 Billion served”. I also encourage those who still don’t have a clue, to go research the term “Billion”.

  • The kids watch a cartoon “Martian” on TV.
  • Kulishov effect stresses the connection between “Pinocchio” and “The 10 Commandments”.
  • So is the made connection between Golf and Cricket…
  • Another reference to the naval theme of Noah’s Arc is the Quadrivium method of navigating by stars at night; The UFOs mimic a certain star group.
  • The hero shouts out “Los Angeles” (The angels) after a squad of helicopters attempts to kill civilians with poisonous gas. Both – for unexplained reasons.


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