«TMNT» 2014

I think TMNT is the symbol for kids’ familiar role models and heroes. More than DC and Marvel comics. And they are more than a group – they are a family. Which gives them more moral substance than the other 99% of comics.

Like most kids, I simply adored them. Had the figurines, wanted to be like them…
Hell, who wouldn’t want to leave their room messy and eat pizza while being perfectly muscular and adventurous!?

I remember watching the original cartoons, with their series of motion pictures using those fantastic suits with three fingers…
I remember the next generations, with all the belly-aliens…
Had a great PlayStation2 game as well…
discovering how they stole the canon story from Marvel: DareDevil…

But the 2014 3d effect-driven movie did something that no other did before:

No adaptation explicitly portrayed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (which are more technically – Samurai, as they practice Bushido, not espionage) as being persons belonging to a different human “race”.

You can readily see that this is not a movie leading kids to aspire to risk-driven job applications. Not even fair journalism. It’s a poor educational film.

Let me explain. Here, they are shown to have characteristics
(cultural, stereotypical and bodily) of so-called “African-Americans”:

America still views them as living in a ghetto, consuming foul food, yet exercising like they were in prison. Eating pizza in the hood, blasting rap and hip-hop, with absolutely no self-awareness.

TMNT became what the white-trash wanted them to be –
a bunch of “negros” living in the slums, far away from the “white race”, but still serving their masters. Underdogs with an ethics code, who may serve in the military but instead, get flushed out of the societal environment like pests.
They should have called them “Boy” turtles.

And this is not “cool”. So I’m not doing the appropriation. They already did.
You can’t twist this around. Face what they did to you and went unpunished.







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