«GET OUT». Maybe…

P.S. – I wrote all this before the nomination (What the…?), let alone winning one Oscar.
You know what? I forgot for a second what those ceremonies are…

  • How did he get his hands on the cotton…!?!?!?
    Symbol of slavery in America.
  • The sunken place – no one tells you that it is a literal symbol for the movie theater. where you undergo the same procedure of closing your eyes.
    Similar to the stories of supposed ex-Illuminati traumatized.
  • Deafness and Blindness –
    The auction takes place in a manner.
    The blind man admits he doesn’t care for the color of the victim.
    He simply made this long way through his connections and resources.
    What does it tell us?
  • Zombi turned on its origin. It actually mentions PizzaGate. The masses that never heard of Paperclip, Artichoke, and MKultra. Again, Manchurian candidate.
  • Imagine the message – we are an art critic, who is blind. And we want, no, Need your possession to ourselves, in order to provide a better service to the world.
  • The police VS TSA [logic should indicate that they put on a scheme of people not to dissuade aware people but to eliminate them. many a viewer fell for this trap…]
  • The ending and the alternate ending. No, a person living outside the US does NOT know what would happen when the cops see him over her body.
    Let me remind you that the US were some of the last countries to abolish racial discrimination. Post Racial is a term not likely to be applied to the USA in the near long future. This movie ain’t even talking about that.
  • The only thing American about “GET OUT” is the following;
    It specifically shows the manners of the family and/or their guests [like the Asian guy] as not related to political liberalism or social constructs. It all has to do with the DEMAND and the group that SUPPLY. the product being slaves.
  • Gaslighting – an intimate betrayal by a psychopath with the allegiance to the elite, the class.
  • Hunter is hunted – The first episode. The struck deer. The deer bust on the wall.
    The hunting rifle at the end. Roadkill.

ScreenPrism & WiseCrack Would not even think of addressing the issue at hand – The depiction of an operating ex-nazi cryptofascist elite of white supremacists that deal in abduction, sedation and most important – mind control, suggestion and transplantation [Manchurian Candidate].


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