The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


TCCOBB is literally a controversial movie. Or should i say- countermotional.

To me, the most interesting part about it was the usage of many many buttons to create the logo sequences by the start of the film.

The topic of COUNTER-MOTION is more elaborately explained upon in the book i so dearly admire, by the Strugatsky brothers: “Monday begins on Saturday“.
Any future adaptation of this book (and also its’ sequel, “A tale of the Troyka”)
Would be largely successful as well as weighing with 

I simply had to insert that homage here.

It is clearly NOT the best picture by my beloved David Fincher.
It was his first PG13 work, as he is famous for his masterful adaptations of all the most interesting characters of the most intriguing american books of the past 20 years.

But i had a really hard time dealing with the question:


  • It had to do with romance about as much as the average movie.
  • It wasn’t about ending all wars, as it tried to plead…
  • It was just a bit adventurous, much less than it was a CG showoff.

I think, to understand that bit, we have two things to consider about the movie’s symbolism, and it is not dealing with hummingbirds


shown to be moving in the wrong direction in the end and the beginning of the movie:

You have to understand that time was not moving backwards simply because one clock was doing so, just as life wasn’t going backwards to B.B, be it convincing as it may.

This is a great argument for any philosophical inquiry on what life is, or time is,
without taking any psychotropic preparates.

Life- is sentience. and the maker of time is the CREATOR of life.

And this leads me to the basic conclusion anyone should draw from the movie:
Life is about sentience, be you a contramotional, a computer A.I, or a gas form.
I don’t care. Your life has a purpose and your choices and actions
generate reality for everyone else. 


This one was tricky as i had no idea why was he there.

He kept on reappearing like lightning itself in random parts of the movie when you almost forgot of his existence. I would say it symbolizes HOPE. 

Basically this also is connected to the fact your persona on this planet, in this universe, has a very distinct, probability-proven course. On this course you have a meaning, a purpose. 

And the mere fact that no scientist has yet to made an observation of you, or you not entering the headlines of newspapers or becoming president- are not only proving absolutely nothing about your uniqueness.
Therefore proving that we are all a bit stupid creatures, that would have to deal with enormous amounts of minutiae, just to shine brightly for a second.

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