«Zoolander No.2»

List of Will Hariss “fake” tattoos.

People really don’t think about this stuff because “they don’t have to” …
How come he got tattooed in solitary confinement??

It may be “Fake”, but symbolically, overall this goes to say:
“One may enter a prison and get out stronger, like me.
You will enter prison, in my place, because you’re weak.”
It’s a variation on the “A wise man does not enter …..

  1. Head, center – A toilet. Clear connotation.
  2. Back, center – Crucified Mugatu, “M” instead of INRI.
  3. Back, right – A right hand (marked “M”) that clutches on either a manly T-shirt or a male torso.
  4. Back, left – Two hands in prayer position, banded by a wire. Holding a big sewing needle like they would a cross or a rose.
  5. Neck + center torso – What looks like a tie, with a piano layout (Masonic flooring).
    Necktie goes up to reveal it is a hostile viper (Osiris’ snake – third eye) tying at his throat.

Those were the significant ones. Others were; Death riding a pale horse, swinging its scythe.
A broken dark heart. Two men standing on opposing shoulders, facing in sparring boxing.
Abdomen reads “Stitch Bitch”. Many different sewing needles and scissors.

  • Justin Bieber’s ritual death:
    He first tries the door of famous singer “Sting”.
    His ringer (lit. bell) is shaped like a bee engraving, alluding to the Vatican, which is also in Rome. Research bees. Seriously.
  • A bee’s sting would make her die.
    It is an evolutionary no-violence-tolerated inbuilt mechanism…
  • JB is killed in front of a 90° angle with barriers, resembling masonic B&W tiling.
    As if God would favor this ritualistic murder.
  • JB makes his selfie only for us to see the symbol Apple uses for “Contrast” –
    It is the combination of sun and moon – the eclipsed, enlightened being.
  • Exploitation of pop stars by the elites – confirmed.
    Till the end of the film, we don’t know who did it. To the “writers” it doesn’t matter.
  • It took the international (global) police- six casualties, to get the message…
    It is telling how demotivated the police is to go after their masters…
  • Sting will later become known as the “DaVinci Code” figure of this shit.
  • The fake news report says the truth: The builders of reality were the ones to blame.
    Let me ask: how is it that this model was so rich, but his project cost so little?
    Derek Zoolander loses his status of “Master Builder”.
  • “Hermit” tarot card double reference.
    We later see that the epicenter of the action is dual in nature:
    The recovery of an abandoned child VS. Keeping fidelity for your loved ones…
  • We established the basis on which this movie operates – To distract the part in us that actively searches for the truth, meaning…
  • A play on sympathetic to human interactions’ seemingly dualistic modality:
    Which in turn gives the ultimate title – The demontage of proper family structure on a mass scale and glorification of homosexuality instead. Not in addition, but instead.
  • What stands behind the agenda is – solipsism. Which involves the main hero.
    The bad guy’s actions don’t achieve much exactly because they fluently change the plan upon seeing him. “На дурака не нужен нож”
    Double-think. That’s why the forgotten word “No” – which stops harmful actions is missing from the arsenal of Zoolander (depicted as his special ability stance).
  • The all-seeing eye, but incorporated. Personified in two poles- Hot and cold.
  • Derek is the one who gets into an UBER vehicle…
    May I guess that he is the God figure here?
  • Speaking of gods, the bringer of news here is not the TV media but Billy Zane (he already got the name for it), as he acts as Hermes Trismegistus AND the dog from “the fool card”.
  • We later see Mugatu’s friend-dog dead, stuffed, in the end; dropped unto lava…
  • The assistant to the power of evil is Russian again.
    Not only that – but a play on the fact that the Russian Federation is still USSR.
  • In return, her assistant – is wearing B&W stripes (a reference to Bieber’s death)
    And states that his age now crossed from 10 to 11. A slight kabbalistic pun here.
  •  The biodegradable building they reside in is a reference to the first film, where it was used to describe the dead, in fashion, in clothing. Here – might be a morgue.
    It also has big, golden balls as decoration. Probably a house of evil…
  • In Japanese, Atari (当たり, あたり, or アタリ) is the nominalized form of Ataru (当たる, あたる, or アタル) (verb), meaning “to hit the target” or “to receive something fortuitously”. The word ‘Atari‘ is used in Japanese when a prediction comes true or when someone wins a lottery.”
  • His muse, both hermit and Hermes, is “not defined by binary terms”.
    Which, basically means, it doesn’t exist at all. Oh and her name is “ALL”, so we know this was made by nihilists, who literally claim the world for themselves.
  • “Mono-marriage is finally legal in Italy”.Before it was legal, it was NATURAL. To marry oneself would most probably mean “Being conscious and safe in own body”, So… Of course, say the makers- Gay-marriage is better.
  • Hansel’s loved one is many personified by an actor best known for “24 Hours”.
    He signifies the earth, or the nychthemeron, or the balanced, enlightened being.
    That’s why it got miscarriage by the directors and producers…
  • They all attend a meeting called “Incrediball”. Apparently, it is a cover-up for the secret gathering of celebrated fashionists. As the conclave is ultimately useless, our subconscious now knows that this fashion show was fully effective.
    Of course – the road from the stadium to the coven is paved through the ass of another degenerative. Zoolander stands so that he appears as the “Black Sun”.
  • The term “Fashion Police” is not a joke. Research this horrible, medieval thing…
  • Derek receives back his powers SINCE his son is the chosen one…
  • Aqua Vitae – Immediately associated with Pan, a flute. They told you the truth.
    A “cow” and a “centaur” makes a “Contour”. It is the ego, also “devil” in Russian.
  • A rubber ball is shown twice – one with the words “you’re a basic bitch”
    (basic meaning masonic square person, a bitch is a female dog).
    One when Mugatu sacks the chosen one.
    A rubber ball is a torture device that makes a person salivate over time.
    Saliva is the liquid your body produces to literally make things apart –
    to dissolve them. It also fixates your mouth and therefore somewhat aligns your behavior.
  • A school (mirroring the one Derek built – a mirror world, a world of fiction)
    is called “Piccolo Cletus”. Piccolo = little. Cletus is a name and its’ variations.
    What they meant was “small dick”. We see a Lingam fountain statue near it.
    Lingam is shown several times in the background in this movie.
    This one has a puddle that serves the hero to enact the self-respective principal –  “as above so below”; to reunite with the goddess/muse/passia archetype.
  • -“You’re the dumbest person!” – “But, I don’t see myself this way.” = Solipsism.
    He is later called “White-flamed, blazingly stupid” and “”
  • -“We have bottled the *feeling*.” Not what you need. But the need itself…
    We make you pale and blank of interest to what’s truly valuable, to instead make you salivate at what’s desirable……
  • Orgy is service to Bacchus/Pan. This is often called Bacchanalia. My bet is – they counted on Pan being associated with the Christian devil, in making Hansel a servant of what might be described as “petite evil”.
  • Mugatu, when stricken, hits and breaks something resembling a pair of wheels of a chariot… We already saw the “ALL” acting as both the “Chariot” tarot card and the angel with the fiery sword which banned humanity from paradise.
    This reminds me of the horrible scenery the dark ones made to “celebrate” the Androne Collider…
    Mugatu is finally defeated, as he is struck unto the ceiling, unto a painting of beaming, sunny light.
  • The mask theme – Bull horns on the ritual helmet.
  • The theme of taxidermy is repeated in both Mugatu – leaving prison,
    and Mugatu’s dog.
  • A to Z. The alpha and omega. The substance all are made of. What you use to read. Your thoughts. The principle of mind.
    Here is practicing cubical-based holography.
  • The shiny clothes-hangers in that cave also fill the role of bullhorns but reversed.
  • Squares in maniac clothing.
  • The ritual blade finally references the phallic signs we’ve seen.
  • Pizza gate – star Wars. The unexplained, stupified tattoo maker now makes some sense; The oedipal complex connects with Pizza gate. That joke
  • NEST.


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