«Zootopia» 2016

The title is referring to Utopia, while the fictional city is called Zootropolis.

A zoo, in case you don’t remember, is a large location where animals are kept in captivity.

UTOPIA means two things:

  1. an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.
  2.  “U” (no) “TOPIA” (place). Nowhere.
    Here’s Google’s statistics on this word’s usage.


    The Theater of Life.

    It is the choice of the makers to present all of this scenery
    as a playful act, taking place on a stage.

    You will see the actors are a sheep, a tiger and a rabbit.

    It is crucial to notice the other tiger that was providing various musical background while staying behind the scene. you may want to emphasize on this.

The state of affairs, it is said, was dual- predators were hunting the prey.
It is said that animals have evolved for thousands of years, to achieve harmony.

Notice that throughout the film, no such evolvement is justified by motivation.
What is shown is a Technological Advancement.
What happens here is called substitution of concepts.

Now- remember the personas of Tiger+Sheep+Rabbit?
In this utopia, they believe that they can choose whatever path they want [as long as it defiles their natural instincts] and so they demonstrate the sheep taking to outer space as an astronaut, the tiger taking a pen to execute tax exemptions,
and the rabbit proudly seeking to become a policer.

There’s another predator; it is the stupid fox, a classmate that sits in the audience alongside the families and friends.
Those do not partake in the happening on the scene. for a reason:

This is a class-ruled society, whether you are aware or not;
Though [and simply because] they wish NOT to be as their nature calls them to be.
The nature of humanity is therefore, questioned.


Yet another question about your perception as an audience-
Why this Krylovian tale is taking place among those kinds of animals,
And not, for exmaple, talking plants, rocks, geometric shapes???

Where are the fish in Zootopia? THERE ARE NONE.

What is the role of plants there? DANGEROUS WEAPONS.

This is not a hypothesis. This is taking place in the back of your conscious mind, which, due to the fact you’re sitting passively in the dark- is highly dormant and receptive.
While it is dormant, it is fully active- it is part of your life.
You cannot disable your automatic operation of lungs, or your blinking.


My curse is that I am obsessive with things, and not in a OCD type of way.
And so I can assure you that throughout the movie, in various cases and forms, the presence of large ungulate animals such as Rhinoceros and Hippopotami, are explisitly designed to frighten you by way of stumbling upon the delicate bunny in every way possible.
If you have nothing to do with your life, try to find it occuring more than 5 times and make your own decisions about it. I also concur a similar approach was taken in “Frozen” with butt touchings.

FISH are symbolical of what is called in kabbalah – Tzadikim.
These are reincarnations of righteous souls, and therefore consumation of fish is so highly praised.
Since Zootopia doesn’t portray fish as sentient beings, you can straight out call it what it is- a subjective and close-minded portrayal of “human society”, trying to convince you to live in Sodom and Gomorrah.

To believe that the studio made it this way by mistake is deminishing, and is insulting the intellegence of every person involved in the process.

Humans are animals, but plants are worse.

Why the division of choice is carnivor/ herbivor and not masculine/ feminine?
What about Omnivores? The worldview proposed here is Black OR white.

Since Plants have a distinct bad connotation with this film, I nonetheless convince you to think of the way it portrays those animals WHO ARE PHYSICALLY more relative to the earth, as are the plants:  You have the sloths bureaucrats at the DMV, The mafiozi mole, and the hamsters in the role of Bankers. Of course, the main character for us to associate.
Now imagine you’re a puppeteer that practically chooses the future of mankind based on your whims, and you just got a new shipment of unformatted humankind from the universe. This is highly controversial; Depending on the type of person watching the film, each will have a distinct bouquet of information hitting his inner parts of the psyche. And when dealing with children (Disney’s main audience) you are guaranteed this will affect future decision-making and action-taking on important life scenarios.



It is no mistake either that the culmination is taking place in the museum, as it is the place of muses, the patrons of human culture; but unlike the theater where the plot initiates us, we come back to face our history, where we learn the truth.



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