Ad: «Onyx Boox».


If you’re the kind of person who chooses his media for himself and knows how to choose the perfect instrument for every task, every time, then the series of “Onyx Boox” reading platforms are just suited for your needs; And it’s nothing like Amazon’s Kindle.

In an age of essentialism and fast-paced tech, you can finally give your books to those who will need them or the nearest library, and neatly transfer to the 21st century! Bienvenida! The model that I use is Caesar-2, and it cost me $82.5 in 2017.

What “Kindle” cannot compare with “Boox” is in the technology used against eye-strain:
Not only E-Ink is the best next thing in everything that is not-cinema screens,
Boox also treats you with the next tech: “SNOW Field”, “MOON Light”.
The contrast is amazing, just beyond all expectations. If in broad daylight, if late at night.
What use can we make with the books we read if we don’t get to see it done?

Android OS, SD card slot, and a hell of an enduring battery.
Considering most files are about 2 to 5 megabytes, with the 8GB of space available you will be storing libraries upon libraries in the physical space of a single book!
All types of text and all languages work here, and you even get an inbuilt dictionary!
The enhanced line of products allows for WiFi, touchscreen and/or pen, and more!
You control everything – from the font of your choosing to the format in which text appears to the level of brightness and the apps you can download.

for the last decade, P2P technology has allowed sharing files from one to another all over the globe. And has made 90% of thinkable books available at your fingertips.
This hasn’t been the case at any point of history! Seize the day!
If you are reading this text then obviously you have a PC or a smartphone. Be a pirate!

Onyx products come in any desired scale: A5, A4, A3, A2: From 6″ to 13″ and more.
I don’t know any architects or anyone like that, but you be sure to recommend those large models to the ones who need them!

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