Using a carefree, personal-touch font that we can easily imagine as a motivational graffiti on the street or even closer – A memo in our own diary at night before bed.

Other slogans feature: “Is up the only way?”, “Will you stay real?”, “How far is far enough?”, and “Don’t be a MAYBE”. If peer pressure was a cigarette, we all know it would wear a red bow tie.

Apparently, the visage of free-roaming various risk-takers, cowboys, life-savers, and Indians – is being replaced as the brand takes its place in the 21st century.

What this is, objectively, is a subliminal context – containing as many messages as needed to hit as many targets in the hierarchy of available human consciousness as it’s even possible.

You DEICIDE– meaning that you are actively killing yourself, committing suicide.

You decide – as in becoming dependent and addicted by choice.

You decide – the ego-centric view of the self; you subscribe to the western ideology.

You decide – which brand is best suiting your personality, not otherwise…


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