Zip it. «Prisoners» 2013

Why not “Abductees”?

“When did i wake up for a society where it’s entertaining to make fun of pedophiles?
Pedophilia is not a laughing matter. Pedophilia is emotional and spiritual murder.
They can justify their sickness all they want…”

-Jay Parker, at the Free Your Mind Conference No.3, 2015.

Denis Villeneuve is probably considered one of the more promising directors of the past decade. He has a good eye for visuals, especially telling a story with his color pallette.
But i have to admit, none of his films are really good. They just pass for one watch.


  • Who Took Johnny? (2014)
  • Zodiac (2007)
  • South Park – The return of Chef,
    Episode 1 of Season 10.
  • Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Symbols used:

  • In this one, the man who once played the correspondent in ZODIACwhich they never caught, by the way, is here playing a police investigator who, interestingly, cares about the chinese zodiac. These are the personal, honorary 360 degrees of masonry that you develop on your own, as you travel across the sky.
  • His name is Loki, like the trickster semi-god you know if you’ve read the norse eddas, and he also bares tattooed cross and compass. Compass is code for compassion, and conscience. The Cross is of course for the savior archetype.
  • Deer. The deer symbolizes positive natural change and renewal. Always has.
    Not only does the family have pictures of it hanging everywhere in the house except the girls bedroom, but the film begins with the teenage boy actually killing one. As if to say- no change is going to come here. All is stagnant.
  • Fridge. Search how it was marketed for americans in the 60’s.
    Along with the crib and the bathtub it resembles a womb, that a person with mother issues would subconsciously try to return back into.
  • Maze. In this case the human mind has no answers. The owner of a maze pendant confessed his sins against humanity and sought help, only to be tortured instead.
    His successor face a similar way out with giving a Glock his kiss goodbye.
  • Basement. Subconscious. Where the man of the house keeps his knowledge and means to defend himself, but also lies and the power to inflict harm. Keep an eye on that too, It’s where you end up.
  • Snakes. Again, lies and thoughts that are stirring a man into a dark path.
    All along are biblical signs that are only there to mess up your moral mind.
  • Owls – One eye.

Notice one dog is said to be covered up with lye, as if lies cover the truth, while the second one suffers hard treatment at the hands of the owner. Like father like son.
Resembling your father as a child is a natural developmental technique used here as the only thing breaks pattern for the kid to grow different, as he unconsciously would.

The father who lost his parent to an unexplained suicide (just like the maze guy later) was trained to deal with keeping his closest family safe from harm. But he is incapable of doing so on a mental level, traumatizing the adolescent even further by telling him to shut up. Instead of comfort, this kid has probably found solace in keeping to himself.

Medicine. Like the unknown gooey black recipe for abducting children (of unknown properties, we only learn to keep away from LSD and ketamine).
Or the poison used to kill the child. It is all unclear, and i would suggest- purposefully.
While the father is poisoning himself with alcohol, the mother is getting unspecified prescription to drug herself. This is the alternative you apparently got when you are abstinent from inflicting any violence on another human being.

Abduction. Torture. What the movie will try to convince you, has no parallel with the real world at all whatsoever.
With showing the authorities as a toothless dog barking at air, and the police higher ups trying to turn a blind eye as quick as possible to let you grow old with desperation (notice the respiratory mask)— Is that no matter what, if you have faith in god, you have no right to come and abduct a person who has valuable information. Let alone- torture him to get it.

Nonsense. When faced with an ultimatum, the government would do just that!
Every virtual country has a concrete policy treatment for scenarios like these:
If it’s a bomb ready to go off, and the person is the only source of information on its’ location, password, etc. He will be surely harmed in any way possible to maintain their

Confession. The truth really does absolve you from your violent act, instead of the culpability tied with nescience of your fellow humans suffering in pain.
The evil person only does so out of sheer arrogance, and after making sure nobody lives on to tell the truth. This is real evil.

The pastor (resembling the father of the family, but he owns his thoughts) goes on to torture her husband for breaking up and speaking…
The father (Hugh Jackman) is using the word Penance“- (To self-punish) when facing the devil. There’s the true prisonhood. We can all agree on the message of this creation.

War on god. Christmas is chosen as the time for the abduction by design.
The dark powers that be are aiming specifically at children so that they grow to become monsters. They do know their prey like a hunter knows how to handle a gun.
Because that is how they achieve their desired goal. That is how they succeed. 

Post Scriptum– Notice the parallel between the Whistle and the saxophone.
how it all ties with the dogs, the police, and the act of speaking out on the same semantic field – child trauma by an evil organization.


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