Battlefield Earth. Eminem.



Eckhart Tolle. Flat Earth. Disk. Be here now.

Masonic tiles; hidden in plain sight. Tell me if I missed more:
1) Scene with SWAT team – Venom hiding in the metal tubes.
2) Scene VS Riot… small, again, aired metal platform.

VENOM reversed is MONEV. It is really similar to the word money.
We could say, this film deals in that which is opposite but close to money.
All the occultists need to do is rectify.

Money is one eye. The eye of providence.

Inception… Catastrophic.

The sun. Smiley shirt. After credit ginger.

All seeing eye here is: Pyramid t-shirt, 1$ bill near alcohol.

The Kiss motiff and praying mantis. Decapitation is related.

Chariot motif. Hosting, ghost in the shell,

Scientology. The duality of man, Nefilim, Annunaki and the destruction of humanity. Reverse history.

Get up again – Krona of a tree. Top of a pyramidal building.

Casting – Could be anyone in a shitty movie like this. But no. Nightcrawler VS Hermes.

Gomorrah – In Nazi Germany, the poor and the outcasts were invalids. In America, they are the ones who are poor in fake—fiat currency—money.

He captures in photography, not the facts written on the wall, but the fear and emotions he had…

LOSER: your subconscious imagines a parallel universe where the parasites live.
It is a common practice, try this: If a community with an empire state building produces a loser in the person of Eddy Brock (who helps the poor), then how does the psychedelic world of parasites look?

Does government covers for LIFE? Or is the tycoon government really?

LIFE movie reference…

Eugenics Unexplained: about races and space races.

Cage VS No Cage.
Karma’s a bitch.
Her Glasses.
Maria Christ.
His/Her apartment…
Science-Nvr-Slps VS No such thing as can’t.

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