Before we continue I’d suggest you inquire in our other related topics;
Black Mirror, for example, is similar in the trail of not-understanding it left in the world.

In this article we’ll examine the well known series.
It masked the real chemical process of producing methamphetamine, and the leading actor had received a letter from Sir Anthony Hopkins praising his excellent craft. As with any successful work the show is being dissected into lessons on cinematography, and the creators went on to make their next big project, a more interesting one IMHO; “BETTER CALL SAUL“.

BrBe was celebrated as the best crime-drama series since The Sopranos.
A lot have been said about the alter-ego motif in the TV show.
How antagonist Walther White is uncovering his shadow material, shaving at his fake identity to become his “true self” – a megalomaniac rising to power from scratch.
But is it really a crime-drama? I’d say no.

  • The series premiered in 2008, in the midst of a global financial crisis, when the Obamacare plan was approved despite the USA congress objections.
    Note that it came to be in the year 2010. The series was then in its 2nd season –
    so let’s see how it was affected, if at all.
  • In an interview, the creators stated that the character of Jesse Pinkman
    was supposed to die by the end of season 2 at best.
    Why is that? And why didn’t he?
  • What is then the movie about, literally? Let’s give it an equation;
    It is about a man, suffering from cancer. He goes through chemotherapy.
    This medicinal process takes a toll at the body but manages to preserve it.
    He himself is a chemist. He uses his skills to make a product. It is considered illegal.
    The product is highly addictive but of high quality. It also kills the clientele.
    What he practices is called PHARMACIDE – The murder with the aid of poison.
    He is maiming his own society, and is doing so symmetrically proportionate to what in his perception they had done to him. It is a consistent phrased idea.
    This kind of idea is the driving force behind every media you consume.
  • It is for this reason that his “empire” is said (not shown! The series doesn’t deal with this topic. It is not the subject of interest.) to be of a size to be on NASDAQ.
    The Madrigal conglomerate is in the series to reference how one company was selling all of the ether on planet earth(!) to the cartel Medellin to produce cocaine.
    • KINGS OF COCAINE. Inside the Medellin Cartel –
      An Astonishing True Story of Murder, Money and International Corruption.
      Authors: Guy Gugliotta and Jeff Leen.
      CHAPTER 12: THE ETHER TRAIL. [PAGES 109-112] (377):

“…Each kilo of cocaine requires seventeen liters of ether. U.S. annual production of ether was only sixty million pounds from five producers. And there were only seven foreign producers of ether in the world. Follow the ether, find the cocaine.”
“…Phelps’s study, code-named Operation Steeple, used informants, court ordered wiretaps, and undercover visits to Colombian chemical firms. The study took about a year.” “…The study was completed on December 14, 1981. Its findings, couched in dry bureaucratic language, were a revelation:
While acetone has fairly wide industrial application in Colombia, ether does not, with perhaps as much as 98 percent of the latter believed to be destined for illicit users.”


  • We should point out that W.W. had quitted on his ex-girlfriend Gretchen because of a psychological complex of inferiority. She was of a wealthy family.
    In the only scene where their past relationship is shown they speak of the soul and how it can be hypothetically be found in a chemical process.
    It is a common mistake by the viewers to skip this reasoning, present in the scenario and script, and to think that Gretchen simply went and broke W.W.’s heart.
  • It is the series, not the main character, that had changed direction because the environment changed. The climate changed and therefore the statement could not have been made, leading to producers potentially losing money on the project.
    As with other media, the whole globe continued to broadcast the series without the knowledge of why they are showing it in the first place.
    The meaning was gone on them, and the people were led blindly.
  • Klim Zhukov; on the final season’s last episodes:
    “This could well be a soviet-made film aimed as “propaganda” – All the tolls, every aspect of a capitalist regime are present and showcased thoroughly.” (romanization of crime is only present in capitalism, and immediately so.)
  • P.S. – Funny enough, a combination of both main characters’ names gives us the name of one Hollywood actor – Jesse Eisenberg.
  • HBO company would go on and make more mistakes, and it shows of their overall incompetence; The past cancelling of ROME, the uncooked OZ and the questionable SOPRANOS, as well as the future GAME OF THRONES solution and the horrid and treacherous CHERNOBYL.

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