image is the last frame, used after the credits.

Methodological Defects,
Improper controls,
the inadvertent inclusion of relevant data,
or in this case, all three at once.

A short search for reviews of RED LIGHTS will show you how under-rated it is. It all misses any point this film has by kilometers, never telling you anything substantial.
My hypothesis is that there are some frames, shots actually, starting from the title screen with the director’s’ name on it, were a little RED LIGHT spot is seen.

If I am correct, then this may be the true underlying narrative to the movie.

  • I didn’t get that thing with the little sister that went away…
  • Dead relatives motive. “Did that happen to you”
  • The 2 little girls is perhaps reference to the Ouija board story of origin.
  • Ben is actually the real scientist. Empiric.
  • Dead critic from past.

The prison interview is the most prominent scene of the film, and puzzled me since i first watched it 5 years ago. Now? the whole “carton of milk” thing is connecting in my mind to the practice of missing-person ads in the US (WIKIPEDIA: 1979/85 Photo on a milk carton).

Also, the use of the phrase “to butt in” in two instances.
Keep in mind the symbolism embedded with PRISON, regarding false belief.

The story with the alien intruder reminds me of something i’ve read in the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie {A must-read!}.
WHAT is the aim of psychology in this context? What about the joke’s context?
The aim of psychological practices is to ease the symptoms of an ailment that dis-eases one’s’ life. If an ailment is causing positive effects – you should really leave it alone, since it is the purpose of life – to be free and prosperous and happy.

THE classroom scene where the main character is driving away from his own argumentations into nihilism of any factual science being possible in the study of the unknown
Keep telling kids there is only one side to things around and you will break their spirit.
Astrology is not proved wrong by a copied page with personal stats.

“He made me doubt !..
And everyone could see it.”

The ability to doubt does not change sides in this sentence-
The ability to doubt, is the driving force behind the human urge to know and explore.
That story told, we can only blame the scientist who is ashamed of his own experience of his field of work, like a child.


Framing circle and square. Notice how he doesn’t go visit David.

The Spite. Were there red lights in your life?

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