My Russian YouTube channel

Hi there, my potential readers who speak Russian! We have just launched a new YouTube channel! It’s great news, but there’s still a road to be made. With a few simole steps, within a month or so this will become an awesome platform where we begin to transmit our content, with many more to come!Continue reading “My Russian YouTube channel”

Five of Pentacles

Worry April 21 – 30 Taurus Material From FIVE OF PENTACLES TAROT CARD MEANINGS KEYWORDS Upright: Isolation, insecurity, worry, financial loss, poverty Reversed: Recovery from financial loss, spiritual poverty FIVE OF PENTACLES TAROT CARD MEANINGS AND DESCRIPTION The Five of Pentacles, like the fives in the other suits, portrays a situation of adversity. InContinue reading “Five of Pentacles”


title: one way in, no way out. As above so below poster. It was what I feared the most. ANNIHILATION: The attempt to cinematographically capture LSD/DMT, and the fear of shimmering. Subtitle: the sixth practice of Tibetan watching television. What is television. What is perspective. What is watching something? What is persona? What is realityContinue reading “ANNIHILATION”