Tips on how to watch movies.

image: “HOT FUZZ” (2007) The following article is inspired by George Carlin’s 15 guidelines to live by. Perhaps, one day i shall make a list inspired by his tips for serial killers. Try to watch your films when you’re tired or, just as you have dawned from slumber. Pick very specific topics. keep your focusContinue reading “Tips on how to watch movies.”

The Four Horsemen Documentary

The Four Horsemen Documentary Overall it is a good picture. the picture offers an alternative that we should seriously examine. I am in no way a specialist in economics and commerce. Since the proposed approach is strictly pragmatic, Natural law is only mentioned. The film does not dethrone the status of gold as a currency,Continue reading “The Four Horsemen Documentary”

Indoctrination as a phenomenon

image: “They Live” (1988) Mark Passio on worldview poisoning The Story of Your Enslavement “The truth is the greatest enemy of the state.” – Joseph Goebbles Though it sounds so dramatically enormous, most will be shocked and amazed that indoctrination is more subtle than they were led to believe. You immediately imagine red flags ofContinue reading “Indoctrination as a phenomenon”

Obfuscation as a method of manipulation

Mark Passio – Obfuscation Method of Manipulation Let me start with this; facial recognition is a naturally-developed skill of the human brain as part of our evolutionary surviving mechanism. It aids us as tribal creatures to recognize our fellows’ empathy, distress, and feelings. It is so entrenched in us that we generally would judge aContinue reading “Obfuscation as a method of manipulation”