CHAPTER 6: DEMOCRACY Slavery impersonates liberty The absolute pinnacle of cultural success is to convince people that they are free in their slavery. Democracy is an invented theory, not a moral truth. It is a construct of evil. It was created to impersonate freedom while still maintaining the grip of law over people. AsContinue reading “CHAPTER 6: DEMOCRACY”


CHAPTER 5: TACTICS There is no such thing as anarchy, there is only tyranny. All cultures teach the nobility of authority. All pretend to defend the security of people against enemies who would do harm. The common thread amongst every authority in history is the universal enemy of anarchy. While cultures have added racism, economy,Continue reading “CHAPTER 5: TACTICS”


CHAPTER 4: CULTURE Cultures are created to protect power structures. Culture is the enforcer of authority. Culture distorts principles in order to defend the authority of evil. Culture must convince you that it is not wrong when law subjugates your worth and destroys your freedom. Culture convinces people of this by perverting the concept ofContinue reading “CHAPTER 4: CULTURE”