Material From ACE OF CUPS TAROT CARD MEANINGS KEYWORDS Upright: Love, compassion, creativity, overwhelming emotion Reversed: Blocked or repressed emotions ACE OF CUPS TAROT CARD MEANINGS AND DESCRIPTION The Ace of Cups shows a hand holding a cup or chalice that is overflowing with five streams of water. The hand that appears from the cloudsContinue reading “ACE OF CUPS”

Simple, DIY, Self-help Art Therapy

As part of my side-mission to elevate psychological pain from people with trivial methods, I present to you a summary of how you can assist your self-healing with simple, everyday practices. You should never let anyone or anything to dissuade you from therapy. Find a cure for our ailments. Also, from my own experimentation, you can wellContinue reading “Simple, DIY, Self-help Art Therapy”