Yuval Noah Harari: What explains the rise of humans?

Harari is a manipulator. either by choice or unknowingly. Being not familiar with humanoids’ physiology, origins of humankind, human theology, or any spiritual practices. Trying to obfuscate the facts, he is being wildly promoted while speaking on matters he really doesn’t specialize in; Harari first specialized in medieval history and military history in his studiesContinue reading “Yuval Noah Harari: What explains the rise of humans?”

What would you take on a desert island?

A Review of Dorling Kindersley ‘Eyewitness’ series, Book: Money. ISBN: 9781465451798 Author: Joe Cribb (Re-)Published: 14 Jun 2016 (?) So I stayed at my parents’ home recently and decided to check out this book I had when I was about 8. We also had the “Minerals”, “Birds”, “Musical Instruments”, “Ancient people” and “Religions” parts of the series. IContinue reading “What would you take on a desert island?”

SEMINARISM is to be preserved.

image: “The Wave” (2008) seminary (n.) mid-15c., “plot where plants are raised from seeds,” from Latin seminarium “plant nursery, seed plot,” figuratively, “breeding ground,” from seminarius “of seed,” from semen (genitive seminis) “seed” (see semen). Meaning “school for training priests” first recorded 1580s; commonly used for any school (especially academies for young ladies) from 1580sContinue reading “SEMINARISM is to be preserved.”