So strange to make such portrayal on the potential canvas of “behind the scenes” of the original game. It should reveal a more moral state of affairs. The original game was a twist on “the big bad wolf” – here, birds flipped the script and missile themselves a-la kamikaze, into the pigs’ formations made ofContinue reading “ANGRY BIRDS movie”


The worst moment was the passport control for souls. A treacherous and traumatic film. Exploits abandonment issues to submit to gaslighting circumstances on earth. Tells you that the dead are more important than the environment or even principals. Basically, you are dead if you try to play your proverbial guitar- No matter if it belongedContinue reading “:Coco:”

Prisoners 2013: -Zip it.

Why not “Abductees”? “When did i wake up for a society where it’s entertaining to make fun of pedophiles? Pedophilia is not a laughing matter. Pedophilia is emotional and spiritual murder. They can justify their sickness all they want…” -Jay Parker, at the Free Your Mind Conference No.3, 2015. Denis Villeneuve is probably considered one ofContinue reading “Prisoners 2013: -Zip it.”

Blade-Runner 2049

THIS REVIEW IS NOT COMPLETE AND UNDERGOES CHANGES. “AGAINST THE DARK, A TALL WHITE FOUNTAIN PLAYED.” (ПЕРЕЛИВАЯ ИЗ ПУСТОГО В ПОРОЖНЕЕ) – Is it real? – I don’t know, Ask Him. Studying the symbolism and iconography of famous hidden societies, One can only come to the conclusion that any people who operate by this kindContinue reading “Blade-Runner 2049”