Miracle on 34th Street (1947/1955)

Again, a review following the must-watch list conducted by Mark-Kishon: Christopher: The utmost powerful entity of planet earth operates as it slices up portions of the surface of land to its’ purchasers. It is based in the fault of thinking anybody is not independent inherently. I suggest you meditate on the fact Switzerland remains neutralContinue reading “Miracle on 34th Street (1947/1955)”

On the Death-of-Author hypothesis

  Today we will review the thought of Roland Barthes. The proposition is a vile one. And an arrogant attempt to understand the mind of god through an atheistic perspective. This is all a human-ego-based dogma, and in a quest to ultimately disregard property rights- glorifying human interpretations unto a pedestal of creation itself. ItContinue reading “On the Death-of-Author hypothesis”

Why have celebrities make the MONEY sign in the first place?

image: “MINORITY REPORT” (2002) The Internet and YouTube are filled with records of musicians and actors, also politicians and other activists, making some form of a -single eye- image. This symbol is most prominent in the USA, but appears in various forms of advertisement in other countries as well. So why have the “celebrities” makeContinue reading “Why have celebrities make the MONEY sign in the first place?”