Black Liquid Depictions

I will update this article in the future. Accented depiction of oil usage, coke-like beverages and the likes, is a typical indoctrination towards vampirization of the planet. Blackwater- Knights of Malta operation “BlackWater” is also the name of a private army in service of the order of the Knights of Malta. The Knights of MaltaContinue reading “Black Liquid Depictions”

Challenge 1 – Right-hand indoctrination

Try to find a public machine (Like a vendor, ATM, public transport) in your area that would suggest you use it with your left hand. Guess what? They don’t exist. Most people are born Ambidextrous. From Latin – Ambi: both. Dexter: right. Sinister: left. (This is where we get the word “sinister” from). with little exception toContinue reading “Challenge 1 – Right-hand indoctrination”

WestWorld TV Series

The Maze (Labyrinth) The Labyrinth existed from the Greek word “labyrys” or the doubled headed axe. Theseus in the Cretan myth killed the Minotaur in the maze of Daedalus. He used the doubled headed axe to do it (researchers found that this axe presents the butterfly since the butterfly has double sides to it). AlbertContinue reading “WestWorld TV Series”

Rising sun

The heading picture depicts the passing truck of one of Israel’s major companies. For the sake of clearing, this company provides cleaning products and other essentials needed in any housekeeping. Though marketing campaigns in Israel go somewhat easy on the population in terms of subliminal messages and symbolism, it is apparent to the seeking and trainedContinue reading “Rising sun”