The illusion of time

  image: “IN TIME” (2011) Philip Zimbardo: Psychology of time orientation Mark Passio on time George Carlin on time Abed Nadir and time savings Which of the answers is an artificial concept? A calendar day A week A month An hour A year The answer is at the end of this post.  “Film a car speedingContinue reading “The illusion of time”

Challenge 1 – Right-hand indoctrination

Try to find a public machine (Like a vendor, ATM, public transport) in your area that would suggest you use it with your left hand. Guess what? They don’t exist. Most people are born Ambidextrous. From Latin – Ambi: both. Dexter: right. Sinister: left. (This is where we get the word “sinister” from). with little exception toContinue reading “Challenge 1 – Right-hand indoctrination”

Undead – Zombies – golems

Almost exclusive to dark occultism is the notion of undead. -“Kant introduced a key distinction between negative and indefinite judgment: the positive judgment “the soul is mortal” can be negated in two ways, when a predicate is denied to the subject (“the soul is not mortal”), and when a non-predicate is affirmed (“the soul isContinue reading “Undead – Zombies – golems”

First review: Bone Tomahawk (2015)

A boorish piece of film. Nauseating even at second viewing. Repulsive. Were it not for the embedded allegories i couldn’t stand it at all. To recommend this movie to anyone would be a mistake, let me tell you. It appears to have been made with the sole purpose of arousing a sense of disgust. It isContinue reading “First review: Bone Tomahawk (2015)”