The worst moment was the passport control for souls. A treacherous and traumatic film. Exploits abandonment issues to submit to gaslighting circumstances on earth. Tells you that the dead are more important than the environment or even principals. Basically, you are dead if you try to play your proverbial guitar- No matter if it belongedContinue reading “:Coco:”

How Hebrew Almost Became USA Official Language

breakingisraelnews.com/72700/american-first-language-hebrew/ “And they knew not that Yosef understood them; for the interpreter was between them.” Genesis 42:23 (The Israel Bible™) Had history turned out slightly different, Americans today might be speaking Hebrew rather than English. This is not as far fetched as it seems, as the original settlers to America (besides the Indians) were deeplyContinue reading “How Hebrew Almost Became USA Official Language”

Почему дуракам нельзя читать “Мастер и Маргарита”.

PS. – Недавно обнаружил видео-лекции некоего Меняйлова. Кваси-эзотерик что глаголит про развратных баб и геперборейский шаманизм. Начиркал с десяток книг. Вызывает нездоровый интерес у непросвещенных (которых сам он называет нулевками). Проку, как видимо, очень мало, ибо всегда по 2 часа бубнит 20минутный материал. Ну так вот – единственно успешным можно было назвать видео эссэ на темуContinue reading “Почему дуракам нельзя читать “Мастер и Маргарита”.”