Sanshiro Sugata. 1943, ’45 and ’65.

Other versions, like the original book or movies made by other directors like in 1970 and 1975 will not be reviewed. Translated to Russian as “Master of Judo“, and many times confusing the terms “Judo” and “Jiu-Jitsu”- These are rumored to be Vladimir Putin’s most favorite film.  When I rediscovered this fact, that’s after aContinue reading “Sanshiro Sugata. 1943, ’45 and ’65.”


BEFORE WATCHMOJO SET THEIR HANDS ON THE IDEA , HERE ARE THE TOP FILMS ABOUT COURTROOMS. [IT’S A GENRE, ACTUALLY.] Gett: The process of Viviane Amsalem – The unique case of an Israeli Masterpiece, a minimalist film telling the atrocities of Jewish orthodox regulations. My favorite. Helter Skelter – Charles Manson infamous followers’ atrocities are being investigated andContinue reading “TOP 10 COURTROOM FILMS”

Prisoners 2013: -Zip it.

Why not “Abductees”? “When did i wake up for a society where it’s entertaining to make fun of pedophiles? Pedophilia is not a laughing matter. Pedophilia is emotional and spiritual murder. They can justify their sickness all they want…” -Jay Parker, at the Free Your Mind Conference No.3, 2015. Denis Villeneuve is probably considered one ofContinue reading “Prisoners 2013: -Zip it.”