WiseCrack exposed #3

Cover features the anime series “DevilMan CryBaby“, as in the WiseCrack video [https://youtu.be/4YEw0smzzp0] I will deconstruct. My deconstruction is not a review of the series, but if it happens to fit, I won’t be surprised. It is to be expected. DMCB is the latest adaptation of the work by the infamous mangaka Go Nagai. HeContinue reading “WiseCrack exposed #3”


In response to YouTube Channel NerdWriter1, the video titled “Mr Bean Is A Master Of Physical Comedy”, which deals with the actor (sir) Rowan Atkinson’s short, “Laughing Matters”. NerdWriter1 often uploads intriguing and fascinating videos, but sometimes dull and uninformed. I do still watch him though. Learning is ever-present. Which leads us straight to theContinue reading “NO LAUGHING MATTER”

What’s the deal with the devil?

image: CupHead (video game) {made in a style of 1930’s USA cartoon} To paraphrase Mark Kishon Christopher; Understand that every phrase, a conversation is a contract made between two. A contract is an agreement, a covenant, if you like. Since the dark ages, the self-proclaimed “elites” made sure the illiterate were first of all- illiterate;Continue reading “What’s the deal with the devil?”