TDK: Ответ каналу MentalTV

Длинный ответ. Ваш разбор – презумпция, субъективность, выдающая себя за объективность. Но я склонен считать, что вы просто и искренне заблуждаетесь. А потому укажу вам тернистый путь истинный. «Чем дальше лес – тем толще партизаны». Шутка. Никто не задумывается – а к какой роли можно готовится, запершись одному в комнате БЕЗ СОЛНЕЧНОГО СВЕТА. Ответ –Continue reading “TDK: Ответ каналу MentalTV”

TDK#12: Joker is Tyler Durden?

How likely is it that the Joker is the Tyler Durden character from 1999 “FIGHT CLUB” adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk directed by David Fincher? Scars as a main feature. A troubled psyche. An ex-partner story. Use of house-made warfare. Blowing up buildings… We have past arguments on the WWW that Joker is an ex-soldier, butContinue reading “TDK#12: Joker is Tyler Durden?”

TDK#4: Joker is Two-Face?

The YT channel SlimeBeast has a video [] titled “The Dark Knight Theory: The Joker Was Two-Face” in which he proposes that the Joker character was either added as an afterthought into the film, either had much of the major scenes handed to him on account of Harvey Dent. Either way, he says, by ourContinue reading “TDK#4: Joker is Two-Face?”

TDK #2. The Jewish Connection

As I’ve laid out before (“The Truman Show” Review), directors, writers etc. are sometimes very familiar with the Kabbalistic tradition, or at least the Jewish traditions. Anyone talking about a ‘coincidence’ doesn’t even know what they mean by that. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise; Even the Nazi SS officers and higher-ups had aContinue reading “TDK #2. The Jewish Connection”