Advertising: Onyx Boox.

If you’re the kind of person who chooses his media for himself and knows how to choose the perfect instrument for every task, every time, then the series of “Onyx Boox” reading platforms are just suited for your needs; And it’s nothing like Amazon’s Kindle. In an age of essentialism and fast-paced tech, you can finallyContinue reading “Advertising: Onyx Boox.”

On Biorhythm charts

I recently found this system called Biorhythm. It is a graphic chart based on each individual’s vital signs. Those are unique and are inherent on birthdate. A ‘scientific’ answer to those who don’t believe in Tarot, but do not use Fitbit. Anyone could make a sketch on their own, but today every thinkable platform (eitherContinue reading “On Biorhythm charts”

TextAloud 4: DIY AudioBooks

About ten (10) years ago, I discovered the format of Audio Book. I used to read printed paper books, but now I could do other activities while “reading” text.  I could do house chores, go for a walk, prepare meals, save money and valuable space. Recently I also moved to an Electronic book (Model: OnyxBoox: Caesar).Continue reading “TextAloud 4: DIY AudioBooks”