Dr. Strange (2016)

Dr. Strange is a film made as an homage to AfterEffects, and although is not interesting at all, carried audiences in simply because it is based on a comic book and featured “”the modern Sherlock Holmes””.
Its only features are the same layers of graphics that aid it in concealing the truth and confusing the viewers.

The movie begins with a masonic execution. These take place allegedly after an oath was broken and entrusted information was betrayed.
The notion of the ancient-one was that no information is forbidden, only certain practices are. Which is good, true and moral, since morality is preserved, but we all can see the problem in keeping information in secret while it could instead be free.

This whole conundrum on should we seal information or not is the very premise of why is this movie is interesting in the first place. Thing is, Dr. Strange’s world is one similar to ours in the way that people (or souls) arriving at earth are basically interested only in themselves.

We can see it in the way no one wants to help Strange in his healing process, although it is crucial to the whole field of modern medicine (!)

By the way, it seems that it also not so important to Strange, as he doesn’t sell his extremely large apartment, or his collection of watches to redeem himself.
He is arrogant, and in his arrogance, he drives everyone away like a proud and hurt animal.

This arrogance keeps haunting him in the face of his surroundings, while some are warm-hearted enough to choose and help him.


In his first presence in Kamar-Taj, it is so symbolic of him to mistake Mr. Hamir for the great teacher. When we later learn that Hamir is missing a hand, yet is perfectly accustomed to performing magic- this is the true sign that everyone of us is ALREADY a -magician-.


The movie depicts its villain- Dormammu, as being “older than time”.
This was not made in the fashion of Lovecraft to add pathos to his character. No.
The reason he has described this way if you ever knew anything about the origin of the universe, is that before that point in time there was NO TIME.

The only conclusion is = Dormammu is the creator of them all. And he is evil.


It reflects in the words of the ancient one: “We never defeat our demons, only learn how to live above them”. Based on the context, this positive note could be turned to mean elitism, when you turn your back on a society that didn’t help you. It is a pity that such a potent movie presents it’s golden thoughts only in glimpses of shots instead of rolling them into a full thought out scene. But, sadly, all MARVEL movies are like that.
 Moreover, this ultimately means that if anything, Caecilius and his friends are not any zealots, but they are equal to the ancient one.

We shouldn’t trust instantly any foes that Hollywood movies paint for us.

Notice how the two-finger ring is equally measured as a watch; the movie’s leitmotif.
It is a gadget serving a purpose and is wore on your hand. If you noticed, the movie uses its wordplay to signify a WATCH as the human EYE. You train your eyes to see the truth.



Your life was not given to you as a mere presentation of creation.
The real gift is our power to consciously choose actions and make decisions.

Life and death may be mandatory. But It is your choice that matters.


The notion of a “mirror dimension” is appealing only to those who prefer traveling their thoughts and never affect reality in their actions. SUCH A THING DOESN’T EXIST.


“Sometimes I go about in pity for myself,
and all the while a great wind carries me across the sky”

Where pain and suffering isn’t part of life, but it’s purpose.

His self-sacrifice is changed in your perception when it’s all about facing inner demons.


  • Civilization is the result
  • Fractal Magic
  • Windows are peculiar
  • Death is put in question
    But there is the death of others!!!
  • Mirror dimension is perception. Perception kills
  • Good is dark, dimension perceived as truth.
  • “Wrong Side of history”
  • Avrim
  • Reprogram soul to save the body
  • Continuum quote
  • Fractal Magic

Notice that the ancient one not only has no name but is also mentioned to be a Celtic druid. Very specific considering the above mentioned Masonic execution.
Also, notice the wordplay between mister and master, as they try to convince you they are different somehow.

But then I checked What Is Real – Esoteric & Occult Analysis. And it opened my eyes again. Reminds you the eyes are often tiresome to hear the truth, sadly.

I most certainly do not agree with the 2 minutes introduction to the review;
In my opinion, that kind of information actually keeps beginning people away from the truth. keep such info in a separate video.

  • Pineal gland foreshadowing
  • Piano Symbol
  • Numerology 
  • Thunderstruck Synchronicity
  • Unification of mind and soul
  • Palm energy hinted
  • XX Symbol
  • -!- Time Manipulation -!-



Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings tarot card meaning

January 10 – 19

Material From https://www.biddytarot.com


Upright: Control, stability, security, possession, conservatism

Reversed: Greed, materialism, self-protection



The Four of Pentacles shows a man sitting on stool, away from his home town. He tightly holds onto his pentacles or coins in a very defensive posture as though he were hoarding them for fear of loss. One pentacle is balanced on his head, one clutched between his hands, and two are securely placed underneath his feet. He is making sure that no-one touches his coins! And, he cannot go anywhere because his feet are busy holding the coins down. In other words, this man is so tied up with his possessions, that he cannot do anything else. His eyes appear darkened from hard work but his mouth betrays the hint of a smile, which comes from the self-satisfaction of his accomplishments.


The Four of Pentacles generates both positive and negative perceptions. On the one hand, this card signifies that you have accomplished many of your goals and have attained great material wealth in the process. However, on the other hand, there is a risk that you will come to value only material wealth, thus becoming possessive and/or greedy in ensuring that no-one else takes away your wealth.

The Four of Pentacles indicates that you are in a position where you are financially stable and secure with solid investments. You are very conservative about money and are not inclined to gamble in financial matters. You are very protective of what you have accumulated over time, and slowly and steadily you increase your net worth through saving money and safe investments. You are self-sufficient both financially and emotionally, as you often equate money with emotional security.

Although this card shows a practical and financially stable person, it often indicates possessiveness, greed and an overly cautious approach to life. You may be afraid to take risks, both financially and emotionally for fear of losing everything that you have attained so far. As a result, you may be vaguely unhappy and unfulfilled. Deep down you are starting to realise that you have sold out for a conservative and overly ‘safe’ approach to life.

Thus, the Four of Pentacles indicates one of the dangers of prosperity, the temptation to value money far above its real worth. If wealth and financial success lead to a miserly or penny-pinching attitude, then you have found yourself in a narrow-minded state where nothing is perceived to have any significant value other than money. This attitude is an expression of extreme attachment to the material ‘things’ of the world and is unhealthy in the long-term. Sadly, possessions have become your life and you now assess your self-worth based on how expensive your car is, how many bedrooms and flat-screen TVs your house has, etc. What this also means is that you must continually work hard to generate an income to sustain this standard of living and to sustain your ongoing obsession with material possession.

Sometimes, the Four of Pentacles can indicate an inflexible attitude that is resistant to change. You have already established a way of living that now works for you, so why change? Change appears to be a threat to your certainty, safety and security, and may place you at risk of losing all that is important to you. Any suggestion of doing things differently is therefore going to be met with resistance for fear of how it will impact your personal sense of security. Thus, you are more likely to favour tradition and tried-and-tested ways of doing things, rather than taking any risks at this point.

The Four of Pentacles can also indicate a need to control your environment. You want to be in charge to ensure that your world does not get altered or changed, and as a result, you demand compliance and you insist on having things your way. You want to create order amidst the chaos, to bring a state of calm and stability back into your life. However, the downside is that you cannot always have things your way and you may prove to be too much for some, isolating yourself from friends or family.


Reversed, the conservatism of the Four of Pentacles has turned to greed and stinginess. You are haunted by a fear of poverty that compels you to be materialistic. You are extremely defensive and self-protective materially and emotionally, fearful of opening up and trusting other people. You are very reluctant to spend money and you are keeping a very tight rein on your cash. On the flipside, you may be spending too much money and need to get a better hold of your financial resources.

In relationship reading, the Four of Pentacles reversed suggests that you have spent your time recently focused on career-building and material acquisitions, rather than your relationships. This approach to life has been quite successful financially but is very limiting when it comes to connecting authentically with others. You have created a prison for your time and your energy by building up this solid wall of work and financial responsibilities, and will need to release and escape from this to some extent if you want to focus on more personal issues. The important thing to realise is that success in your career is beneficial but only to a point. You may need to examine your life and determine what you can give up, particularly in terms of effort and time put towards work and other similar activities, so that you can have more energy available for developing personal relationships.

The Four of Pentacles reversed asks you to loosen your hold on your need for security and stability and step outside your comfort zone. While it will feel a bit shaky at the start, this is an important step in your personal development.

Spoiler – There is no such thing.


Roger Ebert rightfully noted: “The characters in movies do not always do what we would do. Sometimes they make choices that offend us. That is their right. It is our right to disagree with them. It is not our right, however, to destroy for others the experience of being as surprised by those choices as we were.

If you have any experience with movie goers you know how personal the issue with spoilers has become.

-“Oh! are you telling me plot details of something i didn’t watch yet? Why!?
You should stop doing that. Right now!” 
is a perfectly acceptable response nowadays.

I will advocate there is no such thing as a “Spoiler” or that at least- the phenomenon is enormously exaggerated.
So what defines a spoiler?

1. A spoiler is an element of a disseminated summary or description of any piece of fiction that reveals any plot elements which threaten to give away important details.
2. Typically, the details of the conclusion of the plot, including the climax and ending, are especially regarded as spoiler material.
3. It can also be used to refer to any piece of information regarding any part of a given media that a potential consumer would not want to know beforehand.


“Spoiling” has become a crucial part of modern social etiquette.
But the vague, generalized definitions bare some implications.
Being “Spoiler-protective” to me is an indication of the following:

  1. One does not see the boundaries of his culture. They were blinded by society.
  2. They may subconsciously choose to believe they will not die. They are fooled.
  3. The person has accepted the norm of prioritizing it’s boundaries to his own personal life and decisions. They are sedated.
  4. The sanctity of media-experience does not allow realizing that all stories are essentially the same. They are being hypnotized.
  5. Peer pressure convinced the person that media is the best form of time consumption and receiving pleasure. They were lobotomized. 

In short, over-protective spoiler-aware people usually lack a creative essence in their life, or are conformists, but in any case there’s a typical unawareness to what a story IS;

Any story you will ever find is based in a few hierarchic rules:

  1. The message or information being conveyed.
  2. The aesthetics used for this purpose- symbols, archetypes, colors and shapes.
  3. Now the most crucial part- structure. First, i would say dimensions are added to a story. we see more examples today as stories take place on many layers of dimension (“Arrival” comes to mind). After that comes a structural definition of possible 3 narratives:
    * The story is either telling of a relationship of our sun and planet earth,
    * Or the so called “Hero’s Journey” of 12 steps.
    * Last but not least- Depiction of the way a soul comes to this realm.

Some complex story may allow more than one narrative, like the most mysterious episode of the South Park Series- “Freemium Isn’t Free”.

Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings tarot card meaning

December 31 – January 9

Material From https://www.biddytarot.com


Upright: Teamwork, initial fulfilment, collaboration, learning

Reversed: Lack of teamwork, disregard for skills



The Three of Pentacles shows a young apprentice working in a cathedral. In front of him stand two architects who are holding the plans for the cathedral. The apprentice appears to be discussing his progress so far with two architects and even though he is less experienced, the architects listen carefully as they value his opinion and his specialist knowledge. There is also an acknowledgement that this young man is an essential contributor to the completion of the cathedral and the architects want to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


The Three of Pentacles, like the Threes in the other suits, represents the initial completion of a goal or plan. In this case, the Three implies the fulfilment and manifestation of a creative venture, business, or building project. The inspiration of the individual (i.e. the mason) is beginning to be concreted in the material world, and the decisions of the two (i.e. the two monks) have been made successfully. An initial satisfaction is now being enjoyed and the project is well underway. You have all of the skills necessary to accomplish your goals in life, thus you have the ability to succeed in all your ventures. You are keen to improve the quality of your life or your work.

The message of the Three of Pentacles is one of encouragement. If you continue to work toward the fulfilment of your dreams and do not allow disillusionment to dampen your enthusiasm, ultimately you will experience prosperity and success in your goals. You need to do work that is satisfying to you and that you can be truly proud of. What new beginnings are you experiencing in the material realm? Is there some project or creative venture you have been putting off because of fear of failure? The Three of Pentacles indicates that dreams can be made real with persistence, determination, and effort.

The Three of Pentacles may also suggest that you need help to complete your work and can draw on the knowledge and experience of others. It may be beneficial to share your work with a partner but only if they are as conscientious as you.

At the core of the Three of Pentacles is the notion of teamwork and collaboration. In the card, we see a young mason working hard on building part of the cathedral. The two monks enter, with their worldly knowledge and spiritual understanding to bring a new perspective to the mason’s work. Even though their backgrounds, experience levels and knowledge is very different, they are able to come together to share their expertise in a way that creates synergy and improved results. There is no ‘us and them’ or any sense of superiority. Rather, each person has something unique to offer and is willing to learn from others involved in the project. Everyone is getting the job done together and is contributing to the group through effective listening and sharing. This is a positive card to see when teamwork, collaboration and cooperation are required between parties with different levels of experience.

The Three of Pentacles also points to the importance of feedback. The mason is open to listening to the monks and taking on their feedback on his progress so far. His primary goal is to do a great job, and he knows that the monks will be able to help him get there. He does not take it personally but uses their feedback and input to continually improve in his work.

Effective planning, management and organisation are also key components of the Three of Pentacles. In order to accomplish significant goals, such as building a monumental cathedral, it is imperative that detailed planning occurs to ensure that all the components are progressing well. This card therefore reflects a time when it is essential to create a detailed plan and to follow a schedule. This is when good project management will pay off.


The reversed Three of Pentacles can indicate a lack of teamwork, whereby people are acting in competition with each other and trying to appear the most knowledgeable. You may be trying to work collaboratively with others but there is an increasing level of tension as each individual tries to exert power or control over the group, thus negatively impacting the harmony of the people involved.

If you rely on the cooperation of others, now may be a good time to break free of your current group or network and join forces with another group. The lack of harmony and teamwork is having a negative impact on your performance and there may be a lack of a common goal. It may be best to just move on at this stage.

The Three of Pentacles reversed signifies that you are seeking more respect in the workplace. You have had to be polite and listen to the opinions and feedback of your superiors but now you seem to be growing restless with always taking the advice, rather than giving it. You want to work in an environment where you have the chance to voice your own opinion and be heard, where you are seen as the expert or the leader. You may also be seeking new colleagues who bring with them new knowledge, so as to create a more synergistic team environment.

The Three of Pentacles reversed can also indicate that you are working in a fairly mundane job, in which your contributions and experience are not really appreciated or valued. There is not much opportunity for growth and advancement, and you feel as if your skills and capabilities are not being effectively utilised. It may be a good time to make a career move and find somewhere where your skills are more valued.

Given the upright Three of Pentacles is about good planning and organisation, the reversal of this card can suggest that you are need to bring more of this energy into your work. If you do not have a clear view of how you will accomplish your goals, then it will be beneficial to stop work momentarily and plan out your next steps at a detailed level.

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