«Saving Banksy» 2017


What’s this fascination with rats anyway? Banksy i can understand, but the others??

Banksy is in no need of presentation. I admire his wit, his audacity and achievements.
Personally i was disappointed at his exhibition at Amsterdam, but that’s more to do with the native mentality than Banksy himself.

His second movie is dealing with “issues” he has (or rather, the artistic community has) with pieces of art he makes being essentially raped, as they hang from the wall of some connoisseur. To me, this whole thing smells of socialism.

Think about it- They are not buyingan original, or his tools or his abilities.
that would be Banksy’s soul. That would mean mind control, which it essentially IS.

The apparent positive influence the piece has on visitors is limited.
compared with the true teaching that every person is an artist in themselves, and the arduous task it takes to make people see it in themselves and evolving the species.


Ephemeral art then becomes momentary art- in the sense that its’ properties are expected to pierce through time itself and the whole future of human history, all the while serving as a milking cow.

This way of acquiring a piece of art amounts to conjuring value and attaching it to miscellaneous things that have no intrinsic value. It’s called Money Laundering.

But. On the other side: The street artists are pretty dumb too…
They don’t see the problem of having anything to do with that crowd in the first place.
I mean to say- It is NATURAL for anyone to try and possess your piece of art since you have left it in the open air, publicly.
It is not yours anymore, unless you put a device controlling it. like a camera.
But artists don’t want to do anything like that, god forbid they behave like the “authorities”.
Understand that by this standard YOU are the authority to be referred to once it interests some bourgois, fat, mentally ill pig. 
If they obtain it by force- that’s on them. 

If you claimed property of somebody else- that’s on you.

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