«Miracle on 34th Street» (’47 / ’55)

Again, a review following the must-watch list conducted by Mark-Kishon: Christopher:
The utmost powerful entity of planet earth operates as it slices up portions of the surface of land to its’ purchasers. It is based in the fault of thinking anybody is not independent inherently.

I suggest you meditate on the fact Switzerland remains neutral in any possible conflict, as well the fact that it is the Swiss guarding the pope in the Vatican.

And could you tell me why we stick a stamp when we send a letter?

The movie is nice, and is watchable even at the present day and age. It even has some moral in it. But what you should keep in mind is this is a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT.
So today we want to investigate the hidden layers that lie beneath it all.
What the real story of the movie is about is the mockery that me, and you, and our fellow countrymen, suffer unknowingly in our lives:


How do you prove your existence?

Or in russian: “Can you prove you’re not a camel?”

We start with the federal union issuing your strawman legally fictive persona.
In the movie that is the drunken artist that is replaced with Santa in the beginning of the film. I should mention this new Santa is mentioned in the titles only by his pseudonym-
Kris Kringle.
The habit of drinking alcohol is then ridiculed into our conscious as related to Shellhammer, although it is tied to the act of confiscating something like property- which Doris does to the drunkard and her daughter Susan as well(!) Wait for the aftermath…
Notice how later, the drunk landlord (lit. owner of property) just doesn’t know right from wrong.

That character of santa is shown related to the lawyer and we will see exactly why.(unlike the main pair of supposed lovers, these two actually share a bedroom).
To say that Christmas is the state of mind where we feel only joy,
We realize that the person she desires by heart is Santa. REMEMBER THIS PART.
The mother may be considered as the emotional part of the personality, It is the part the government wants to exploit, as it may be vulnerable.

We hear the idea that “Christmas {Happiness} is not a holiday. it is a set of mind.
Align this with the saying of Macey that “Happiness is not profitable” and you will get the correct idea that the MACEY company serves to symbolize the Postal office.

The aim is to somehow influence the mother of the child to change each or both their behavior. The girl, Suzie, symbolizes the human soul. We are later shown the difference between the two in their writing; Capital and cursive (respectively).

The most important perhaps are the characters of Alfred and the Psychologist.
The two being a general expression of the Gaslight syndrome- the victim and the psychopath, respectively. To which a third part is entering to resolve conflict.
At the christmas party, Alfred bids Doris farewell by removing his santa hat before her.

We are to trust the power invested in the system as almost undeniable, as it addressed in the movie as: “The basic competent authority”.
Santa thanks the judge for his decision before he wishes him a merry christmas.
Your practical mind would like to evade the responsibility that the authorities took from you. That is the only moral the film suggests, and we are too distracted to witness it.

The symbol of an elevator was signaling three times through the film, but i failed to get a grip on what it exactly means. Except the part when Kris Kringle and Alfred go up in it towards the court hearing. The defining stroke of evil genius is hidden in plain sight:


The judge disregards the notion of any SCIENTIFIC diagnosis to be applied to Kringle’s claim to be santa BECAUSE IT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS.
Be the psychologist what he may, he is unreasonably fired from his position.
Therefore when we realize our soul, in the face of little Susie, is changing into a little brat, it is no surprize to see the belongings of a past mentally unstable and possibly an aggressive pedophile in the house.

To conclude: What is outside is also inside. And if you try to relieve yourself of practical effort to achieve happiness, you won’t get it, for the lack of spirit- because you are no longer yourself, but perhaps someone else.
Persistence is not to keep believing even if you failed on first try.
Persistence is PROVED when you believe after ENDLESS trials.

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