Luomo the voleva ingannareil diavolo.
The man who wanted to deceive the devil.

Mount Parnassus is a sacred mountain in central Greece, near Delphi. The name “Parnassus” in literature typically refers to its distinction as the home of poetry, literature and, by extension, learning.

Parnasa – in Hebrew means “a profession/trade that brings/allows wellbeing”. Basically – providence.

Overall, the movie seems as a creation that keeps creating more and more unintended faculties and properties to deal with. Considering we are exploring it from the position of god’s experience, it only means distraction and a low grade of mastery.

MORAL. The wrong of the film is that it is not contractual; As above so below.
To any contract, between two agreeing sides, conditions are laid out – I think called “Collateral”.
i.e. what happens if the contract is broken by each side or, perhaps, by both. To preserve capital.
That’s what agreement is. Everything else is familiarity.

The movie deals with psychological defensive mechanism of projection, as it sometimes inflates into GASLIGHT.
How we view inevitability. In this case – gas-lighting of formative children by out-formatted people.
You let yourself be poisoned. We wash our hands of your responsibility = parasite thinking.
“There is no coincidence” = “There is nothing”. Research.
A betting man or god always stands on the checked board of existence. He believes in INSURANCE, and therefore – uninitiated.
Notice, understand and remember; The concept of bad things happening is not going away.
That’s why the “devil” isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t mean that it is god – therein lies misfortune.
It is the basic, and all governing rules of “Do not do theft”. Ignoring it is essentially trying to play god, but as we ruled out in the previous paragraph – it is uninitiated. Therefore, wrong as well.

The opening credits are principal “As above so below” letting us know that whatever happens in the film is allegedly happening inside of us. This is a manipulation attempt, and we can withstand it or not.

The producing agencies are: “infinity”, as in- the infinite light of the kabbalah, and a logo resembling a “tesseract” – an operating worldview of prison, a perpetual spectacle instead of a respective consciousness – the third eye.

Third eye death, floating heads, president = capital.

  • Mercury = Hermes = Trismegistus. “Don’t shoot the messenger”.
    The ego later states: “don’t believe the newspapers, especially the mirror”
    There is no mirror gazette mentioned, the only ones are “TIME” and “SUN”. Very controversial.
  • Bar named “medusa” and alien medusas trip.
    We see a drunkard being surrounded by empty vessels.
    A metaphor of Dr. Parnassus, whose vessel breaks at the end.
    He is a literally pissed off (research term) BRAHMAN. Research.
    On the other hand, the symbol of righteousness, the flute, is transferred to him from the ego.
  • Smoking cigars is depicted as a perverted equivalent of the flute.
    “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar… well, sometimes it’s a thick brown dick.” – G. Carlin.
    The above mentioned is parallel to the act of muting the monks doing god’s work, making their mouth look like an anus. While the midget, “devil”, is shown with an eyeball in his anus, contradicting the mythical depiction of an eyeball inside a mouth’ lips.
    Translation: It is creation-generation vs backwardness and spite.
  • Cops are shown, with the appropriate hat- a masonic B&W template covering the pinneal gland – the third eye.
    Sodom and Gomorrah = requires money, a ticket, and a credit card.
  • The world is said to be “for those with eyes to see”.
    The expression “wipe that face of yours” is demonstrated twice into the unconscious,
    while the film deals with face changing. Literally “substitution of concepts”
    the action of replacing someone or something with another person or thing.
    In kabbalah, the terms “Pan(im)” or “Partzuf(im)” is “character, mask, face”. Research.
  • Walking through the portal. Mirror. Requires first building the pillars.
    Notice how, to save the hanging man, we are demonstrated the power of mechanics, i.e. between the feminine and masculine principles.
  • They are saving the actor who played the role of the sun in “THE DARK KNIGHT”, against the moon. Another masonic film, much more satanic.
  • The monk temple is depicted as standing upon three vast elephants cast in a mountain.
    A mystic ancient worldview that only may be translated. In this case – as an animistic trinity.
  • How come they don’t use the imaginarium all the time? LSD
  • How come god has such a strange company? We did it so.
  • Lesbians are shown as the core of evil. There is some sense in it…
  • The caravan, especially after the Black&White redoing, reminded me of Bulgakov’s
    “The Master and Margarita”.
  • The dead are proclaimed by the ego as gods.
  • The ending shows the prosperous hobo who became a businessman in helping little artists, while the devil is idly converting the seemingly righteous, older ones.
    But the slogan “Suffer (literally ‘forgive’) the children” is echoing back to the first shots – where we can see a hobo still wearing watch. You can research what a watch really stands for.
  • The first scene shows the bar/pub/club letting out the low-conscious people, after they undergone the procedure of getting themselves poisoned, as opposed to “getting pissed” – taking LSD. LSD is the imaginarium, as well as the “Jacob’s Ladder”, the fullest degree.

Upside down pinprick…




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